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Nokia Lumia 928 Fatboy

Are you interested in getting your hands on a brand spanking new Nokia Lumia 928, Nokia Lumia 925 or the iconic Nokia Lumia 920? If you’re reading this from the U.S. and you want to get rid of your old phone, you’ve got to take advantage of Nokia’s new Trade-Up program.

Nokia’s Trade-Up program allows consumers in the United States to get a Visa prepaid card up to $300 towards a new Nokia Lumia smartphone.

How does it work, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. Head over here to determine the trade value of your current phone. You can get some serious cash for your old phone, too. Get up to $250 for an iPhone 4S, $210 for a Samsung Galaxy SIII or $250 for a HTC One.

Then buy the Nokia Lumia smartphone you want.  Don’t worry – we’ve got plenty of models and colors to choose from. Send us your old phone with proof of purchase for your new Nokia Lumia, and we’ll send your prepaid card – it’s as simple as that!

So perhaps you want to make the switch to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8. Maybe you want to upgrade your old (but well-used) Nokia Lumia. Or maybe you want to see what the rave for PureView is all about. Whatever the reason, the Trade-Up program is certainly something to take into consideration when purchasing your next smartphone.

There’s never been a better time to #Switch!