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What would you do with 200 Nokia Lumia 820 Windows Phones?

If you’re independent mobile app developer, and self-confessed Windows Phone addict like Rudy Huyn, you envision – and deploy – an interactive wall of Lumia phones that features the best apps in the Windows Phone Store, and a massive map that can all be controlled from a separate Lumia phone. This art-style installation is on display this week at Microsoft’s BUILD developer conference in San Francisco.

Apparently, Rudy, who is a Nokia Developer Champion, had the idea to create an interactive display using Bing Maps more than a year ago. But at the time, he didn’t have as many phones at his disposal.

Reps from both Nokia and Microsoft asked Rudy to create something bigger for the attendees at BUILD to enjoy, something that would be hard to miss, and they gave him access to the 200 Nokia Lumia phones.


From the monster-sized map shown on the phone wall, visitors can pin their own home towns and literally put themselves on the map.

If you’re attending BUILD this week, make your way over to the games section of the “Big Room” and you’ll quickly find a crowd gathered to see this sensational wall of Nokia Lumia phones.