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During this morning’s keynote address at Microsoft’s annual developer conference, BUILD, the popular push-to-talk app Voxer made its Windows Phone 8 debut.

Using Voxer, individuals can quickly send and receive voice-based messages that are both available for live playback (remember using a walkie talkie?) or as a recording for later listening – whatever is most convenient for the recipient.

So, unlike phone calls that can interrupt the recipient, or simply texting, which often lacks the valuable context you can discern from someone’s voice, you can use Voxer to transmit quick voice messages to individuals or groups. “You have live communication when you want it, and messaging when you don’t,” said Itamar Kandel, COO of Voxer.

“If you spend a lot of time on the phone, and find yourself bombarded with conversations that can wait, and you never want to use voicemail again, use Voxer and take control of your time,” said Kandel.

These voice messages between users are displayed along with text messages, photos and even location information that users can share with one another in an easy-to-follow threaded format.

“The Voxer team built a new version of the app to take advantage of the unique Windows Phone user interface, such as pivot views and Live Tiles, offering our Nokia Lumia customers worldwide the best Voxer experience on any smartphone,” said Bryan Biniak, Nokia VP & GM Global Partner & Application Development.



Exclusive Voxer feature for Windows Phone users

When creating the new app for Windows Phone, the Voxer team working with Nokia decided to add an exclusive feature that is not available in other versions of the app (such as iOS and Android) – it isn’t even available in their Pro version. Specifically, users can keep a list of Favorites within the app, to easily keep track of the people and conversations that matter most.

Voxer Pro, a subscription-based upgrade for business use, will be available on Windows Phone later this year.

You can download the free Voxer app from Windows Phone Store.