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It’s summer time and that means one thing here in the UK – it’s raining. So, if you’re waiting to get the motorbike out of the garage for some summer fun, you can forget it. Instead, go digital, and take these two-wheeled games for a spin instead.

Bike Race – £0.79


Grasp the throttle, twist and hold on tight as you push your motorbike through intense courses of jumps and loops. Well, less of the grasping and twisting and more tilting and screen tapping to lean, accelerate and brake. Leave the hanging-on for the in-game character; he suffers so you don’t have to.

Use the loops to gain momentum to launch yourself onto others. Make sure you’ve gathered enough speed, though; otherwise you’ll miss and have to try again.

If you make ride the perfect round, you’ll earn stars to unlock new levels.

With 48 challenging tracks covering 6 different worlds, this physic-based game will keep you entertained for hours.

One of the gamers whose name is unknown gave five stars in the review section:

“AWESOME. So happy to see more iOS and Android games coming to Windows Phone and this game is awesome!”


Bike Mania – £0.79


In this game, instead of racing around a conventional track, you’re taking your bike on an assault course.

Most of the fun is had while navigating your way over over barrels, up planks of wood and leaping over divides in the course.

There are 80 different levels to tackle covering different terrains; ice, grass, scrapyards, and even office equipment.

Plus, to really challenge yourself, play against your ghost to beat your previous time.

An anonymous review, giving five stars, leaves this review:

“One of the best games on WP8 I have found. Fun and plenty of levels to keep you busy.”


MotoX Mayhem – £0.79


Utilising working bike physics, this game offers a life-like dirt bike experience.

As you make your way around the track, lean forward to put pressure on the front wheel, and lean back to put pressure on the back wheel.

This comes in especially handy when you’re faced with a steep incline and leaning back will have you tumbling down the hillside. The same applies to leaning forwards when going downhill.

The game also uses rag doll physics, which will have the character flying through the air like, well, a rag doll.

Brotherdiesel gave this game five stars, writing:

“Killer game.”


Dream Track Nation – £2.29


In an environment that resembles the world of South Park, Dream Track Nation is a colourful game with lots of fun gameplay.

You start by racing cars, but you can unlock the motorbike as you progress through the game.

To successfully win you need to put your pedal to the metal on the tracks and jump across the many gaps that try to swallow you up.

Collecting the power-ups will significantly help you achieve your desire to win.

If you’re tired of the stock levels, there’s the ability to create your own and share it with your friends online.

Within the reviews section David gives this game three stars and offers a tip for those that like to collect Xbox achievements:

“Easy achievements. ;-)”


Have you found any two-wheeled games you’d like to share with us? Use the comments section below to do just that.

Image credit: Bob Jagendorf