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Another seven days and we’ve had another bundle of new and updated apps to enjoy. As ever, it’s been a labour of love to go through them, but after much deliberation these fab five are the ones we love most. So, grab your Nokia Lumia and get ready to go download crazy with this week’s best Windows Phone apps.

App title: Nextgen Reader

What is it? RSS reader

Why we love it? With the impending demise of Google Reader, the RSS world has been in a scramble to come up with the must-have replacement service. Nextgen Reader has always been a pleasure to run on Windows phones, but the latest update is a real ace in the hole, because it integrates seamlessly with Feedly, one of best desktop readers out there. Feedly has migrated a huge number of old Google customers over to their service in the last couple of months, but they don’t have a Windows app—and that’s where Nextgen comes in. Not only will it offer continuity of service for old Google and new Feedly users, but it looks stunning and has Live Tile notifications. We’re in love.

Who it’s perfect for: Internet addicts.



App title: LivingSocial

What is it? City deals app

Why we love it? It’s the same basic idea as the more well-known Groupon service: deals of the day offering discounts on local attractions, services and getaways. You can get these pushed to your phone, or browse the app manually, and there’s no need to print off any vouchers—just flash your phone at the retailer. It’s a free app that ues location services to make sure you get the most relevant deals. Now get shopping!

Who it’s perfect for: bargain hunters


App title: Go To

What is it? A voice-activated navigation app

Why we love it? It’s unofficial, but it integrates nicely with HERE Transit app that comes bundled with Nokia Lumia phones. Using your phone’s voice command function, say ‘Go to Mike Johnson’, and the app will pull up driving directions to your pal Mike’s house, as well as giving you the option to call that location and more. Set it to default to HERE for a properly integrated experience.

Who it’s perfect for: Drivers


 App title: Keep Calm and Waste Time

What is it? An aggregate of various online humour sites

Why we love it? While we love useful apps, sometimes we just want t kill time and have a giggle. KCWT is lifesaver if you’re in search of a cheap, quick gag: it loads up the funniest GIFs and jokes and memes from a selection of top funny sites including Epic Fail and The Chive. All your ROFL needs in one free package.

Who it’s perfect for: jokers


App title: E! Online

What is it? Celebrity gossip

Why we love it? Another down-time favourite, the official app from E!, the online entertainment news giant, is worth a gander if you want to keep abreast of all the hot celeb goss. Depending on your region you’ll get a more or less comprehensive service, but even the more basic version isn’t bad: you’ll get the news headlines and a link to the main E! website, so while it’s not an all-singing, all-dancing app,  it’s still handy, and the linked E! mobile site has all the up-to-the-minute news you can handle. Windows 8 only.

Who it’s perfect for: gossip girls and boys


With internet, bargains, navigation, laughs and celebs all getting a look in this week, we think we’ve got something for pretty much everyone. If you think otherwise, we’d love to hear what you think we’ve missed in the comments below