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Bluetooth is one of the more useful features on devices like the Nokia Asha 308, letting you connect wirelessly to other phones, computers and accessories. It’s also easy to use – read on to find out how.


To get started with Bluetooth, hit ‘Settings’, ‘Connectivity’ and then ‘Bluetooth’. If you want other devices to be able to find your Nokia Asha, make sure that your phone is set to either ‘Always visible’ or ‘Temporarily visible’. This means that Bluetooth accessories like hands-free headsets will be able to see your Nokia Asha when you turn them on.


Open the Bluetooth page and then click the magnifying glass to search for other Bluetooth products. A list of all the Bluetooth-enabled devices nearby will show up, so tap the one you want.


If the accessory or device you want to connect to isn’t on the list, make sure it’s also set to be visible to all, and then tap the search button again.

When you click on a device, your Nokia Asha will automatically pair (connect) with it, asking you: “Does code match with code on other device”. If the two codes do match, click ‘Yes’ on the your Nokia Asha, and ‘Yes’ on the other device.


Pairing means the two devices will be able to talk to each other, and it’s a process that can be done automatically once you’ve initiated it the first time.

When you’ve paired devices, it’s worth going back to the Bluetooth settings and switching visibility to ‘hidden’, so people you don’t know won’t be able to search for your phone. You can always change it back again if you have any new accessories.


If you want to automatically pair with a device in future, click on the device name again, tap ‘Settings’ and make sure auto-connect is set to ‘Yes’. Once you’ve done that, the two devices should connect with each other when you turn Bluetooth on.


Not all accessories are the same, however, and if you’re connecting to a hands-free kit or speakers rather than a smartphone, laptop or tablet, the chances are the pairing process will be slightly different.

You’ll still be able to search for any device on your Nokia Asha using the steps above, but you’ll need to follow the manufacturers’ instructions to pair as each accessory can vary slightly.


Once paired, turning Bluetooth on and off is a lot quicker and easier to use. Simply drag down the top of the homescreen and tap the Bluetooth icon in the centre, and wait for your devices to auto-connect. 


Nokia Slam is another great Bluetooth feature you can take advantage of if you’re using one of the Slam enabled devices such as the Nokia 205, Nokia 210 or Nokia Asha 501. With Nokia Slam, there’s no need to bother with settings and pairing – when you want to send a photo to a friend, Slam makes it incredibly quick and easy.


All you have to do is to bring your and your friend’s phones close together, select the file you want to share, and click ‘Options’, ‘Send’ and ‘Via Slam’. That’s it – your friend will be asked if they want to receive the file, and it will be automatically sent when they click ‘Yes’. If you’re sending to a phone that you’ve already paired with in the past, they won’t even be asked to confirm it – what could be easier?