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It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You’re standing there holding your phone out trying to take an amazing photo when somebody walks across, spoiling the shot. No need to take another photo, though, as the Remove Moving Objects feature of Nokia Smart Camera has already captured the perfect shot, the first time.

With Nokia Smart Camera, your phone takes a series of 10 photos in quick succession to produce a cluster of images that are slightly different. Different enough that when overlaid into one single frame can give the illusion that something wasn’t there – even though it was.

Whether you’re taking a photo of your wife standing beside the Leaning Tower of Pisa for a holiday snap, or capturing a summer’s afternoon with a group of friends in the park, Nokia Smart Camera can remove all those that wander into shot.

With your trusty Nokia Lumia 925 (other Lumias will soon have Nokia Smart Camera, too) in hand, position your phone or your subjects so that they’re in the frame on your phone’s screen.

Pressing the camera key will initiate the capture and also the very short progress bar. During this time Nokia Smart Camera will take the 10 shots, so keep a steady hand as possible.

Once that’s complete, scroll down the screen to find Remove Moving Objects.

By using a combination of all 10 shots, your phone can determine what’s meant to be a part of the photo and what’s not.


It can see what’s static on all 10 photos and what’s moving by comparing them all, and then simply remove what’s moving.

For the most part everything is done for you automatically. However, there’s some flexibility in terms on stays and what goes.

If you see a plus symbol on the screen, this indicates that you can bring something back into the frame. It’s also a good way to see just how clever Nokia Smart Camera is s you toggle items on or off the screen.


As you look at the finished product, you’ll never know that anything was even there; it’s seamless!


With Nokia Smart Camera, any photos that you take can be saved in your Photos Hub where you can go back later and re-edit using any of the Nokia Smart Camera features.

For instance, that photo of a person getting in your way and walking across your frame might in fact make a great Action Shot. There’s every possibility that it won’t, but that’s the point of Nokia Smart Camera; you never miss an opportunity to capture an amazing moment.

What moments have you captured with Nokia Smart Camera? Have you re-worked them later with any of the different functions? Share your experiences with us, below.