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Got your wellies, sunscreen and tent in order? That’s right: it’s festival season. Music, mud and mayhem ahoy! The downside? Festivals are pretty chaotic and more than a little messy, and so not exactly the greatest environments for your top-of-the-range smartphones. The last thing you want is to lose your mobile in the mosh-pit, or to drop it and have the screen break when some over-enthusiastic party animal dances on top of it. But, we hear you cry, I can’t leave my smartphone at home—I need to be on the grid, taking pictures and videos, and making all my social media pals jealous!

Here, at Nokia Conversations, we know just what you mean. That’s why we suggest you think about investing in a special festival phone as a second option: the Nokia 206. Let’s take a look at the advantages:

Nokia 206


1. It’s got piles of power 

You won’t have nightly access to power points if you’re camping in a mucky field, so mobile battery life is always a festival concern: here’s where the Nokia 206 turns up an immediate trump card. With a 280 hour standby time, and 20 hours of talk time, you could probably haul this little beauty to one festival after another without charging it up. That alone puts it at the top of the festival billing for us!

Nokia 206


2. It’s fantastically funky

It looks the part. Available in a range of funky colours (cyan, magenta and yellow, as well as the classic black and white versions), this is no fuddy-duddy business phone, but a festival worthy-accessory that’ll liven up the contents of your bag. Plus, the 2.4 inch LCD Transmissive screen is big and bright, and, combined with the zippy Nokia Xpress browser, it’ll let you get online to easily research the bands on tour. And at a mere 91g, it won’t weigh you down as you dance the night away.

Nokia 206


3. It’s got a cool camera

Want to document your festival experience? No problem, with the Nokia 206’s camera. While it’s not as snazzy as you’ll get with top-end models like the Nokia Lumia 920, it’ll definitely do the trick. You’ve got the Pictelligent app bundled, which lets you apply old-school filters to your snapshots for that retro appeal we all love, as well as letting you create collages of your photos so you can bring your favourite festival moments together in an instant. The 206 is made for sharing: with Facebook, Twitter, eBuddy and Slam all included, you’ll be able to showcase your photographic skills to the world. It’s also got space for a 32gb MicroSD memory card for handy file storage.



4. It’s as hard as nails

If you’re worried about accidental breakage, you can rest reassured that your Nokia 206 is likely to survive the most hardcore festival! Nokia phones are rightly famed for the sturdy nature of their products, and anecdotal evidence abounds to testify to this. Take this video, of a Nokia Lumia 920 taking an insane battering. With a pedigree like this the average festival will be a cake-walk. There’s a reason why the Indestructible Nokia is such a popular Internet meme…


5. It’s enviably economical

Last but not least, it won’t break the bank. So, if the worst comes to the worst, and your Nokia 206 gets lost or stolen, you won’t be that much out of pocket. In the UK, it’s retailing at under £40 on pay-as-you-go, and under £60 SIM-free. That’s less than you’ll pay a year to insure a more expensive smartphone. The sums add up: leave your Lumia at home and take the Nokia 206 out gigging!

Image credit: Incase