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A major software update brings exciting new features and functions to the Nokia Asha Touch range of devices.

Enhanced support for Mail for Exchange, a dedicated YouTube launcher and improved social experiences are among the key benefits that are being introduced with the update.

Each of these new features are specific to different models but all existing Asha Touch owners will benefit from the update.

Since they were launched last year, the Asha Touch devices have proved to be a huge hit all over the world. This software update demonstrates that these affordable smartphones are still getting better and better.

Nokia Asha Touch

New features

The Nokia Asha 308, Asha 310 and Asha 311 will get the following new features with this update:

  • Better business support with enhanced Mail for Exchange
  • Dedicated YouTube launcher

The Dual-SIM Asha 308 and Asha 310 will become compatible with WhatsApp, which is already available on the single-SIM models.

In addition, the Asha 308 gets easy access to the eBuddy chat client. A software update that’s coming shortly for the Nokia Asha 309 will also give users easy access to eBuddy.

An update is available as well for the Nokia Asha 305 and Asha 306. It will allow the Asha 305 to support WhatsApp for the first time and both devices will get a WhatsApp launcher.

Get the update

The software update is free and can be installed over the air (OTA). See the video at the top of this page for more information on updating your Asha Touch device.

The Asha Software Update page also has more information.