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Greetings, Windows Phone users! We bet you’re just as psyched as we are about what new apps and updates July is going to bring to liven up your smartphones. The month’s off to a flying start, anyway, with an update to one of our favourite photo apps, and a while host of other goodies that we’ve checked out especially for our readers. Are you ready? Read on!

App title: Angry Birds Space

What is it? An update to one of the Angry Birds flock of fiendishly addictive games

Why we love it? Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? Flinging raging avians into space after bad-ass pigs is why smartphones were invented. This game has 150 levels, the Pig Dipper set being new to this update, and now there’s a new song in the mix, too…. You’re playing already, aren’t you?

Who it’s perfect for: Gamers and kids


App title: Fhotoroom

What is it?  A photo taking/editing/sharing all-in-one app

Why we love it? The Windows Store isn’t short of photo apps, thankfully (especially seeing as Nokia’s cameras are so fantastic!), but this really is one of the best on the market. As well as snapping and playing with your own pics, you can see a stream of recent, interesting and popular photos from other users. The latest version looks better than before (it’s less reliant on HTML 5), it’s way, faster, it adds Instagraph/Instagram sharing, and it’s got a new low bandwidth option for users who are more data-conscious.

Who it’s perfect for: photographers


App title: HuluPlus

What is it? A streaming ap for TV shows and movies

Why we love it? This one’s just for US users, sadly, and though the app’s free, the service has a monthly charge. Mind you, if you do sign up, you get a lot for your money, as users of the web-based service will testify. The app’s not new, but this update adds Kids Corner integration, meaning you can sit the little monsters down with hundreds of episodes of ad-free child-friendly programming while you get on with the dinner. Invaluable…

Who it’s perfect for: parents and TV fans


App title: Halifax Mobile Banking App

What is it? As it says on the tin: a mobile app for Halifax bank customers

Why we love it? It’s UK only, so it hasn’t got worldwide appeal, but we’re always happy to see more banks jump on the Windows train. Halifax customers can use this new service to find branches, check their balances and recent transactions, and make transfers and payments. Money on the go…

Who it’s perfect for: UK-based Halifax bank customers



App title: Facebook

What is it? The big-daddy of social media

Why we love it? Microsoft’s Facebook app has been around for ages, of course, but there’s also been a parallel version in beta for more adventurous users: now the beta version has gone live in the regular Store, and the Facebook experience for Windows users is more robust and looks more like the equivalent versions on other smartphone operating systems.

Who it’s perfect for: pretty much everyone, if Facebook’s boasts about user numbers are to be believed!


That’s our five new and updated app picks of the week, but what about yours? As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.