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Welcome to Blog Star of the Week, our new must-read blog series for smartphone fans far and wide. Our aim is simple: to showcases of our most precious online finds—the blogs that we think our readers will love to bookmark.  Whether you’re an old school Nokia fan, an Asha Ace or a Lumia Lover, we’ve got treats coming your way. Of course, us smartphone users have a broad range of interests, so we’ll be looking at blogs featuring everything from mobile tech to creative photography, film-making and much more. To kick us off, though, here’s one very close to our own hearts: The Nokia Blog!

What it is?

A blog devoted to Nokia goodies—news, reviews, previews and the like.


Who runs it?

That’s the nub of it—the guy behind The Nokia Blog isn’t employed or affiliated with Nokia, so the site has an independent and impartial vibe that makes it a trustworthy resource for Nokia fans. The man at the helm is Mark Guim, a Nokia fan based in NYC who tells us that everything he publishes reflects his own honest opinion, or those of his contributing writers.

TheNokiaBlog-Blog Stars

What we love about it.

We think the thoroughness of Mark’s site rocks—it’s been running since 2006 and is a veritable treasure-trove of Nokia titbits, products and stories, past and present. From articles on Windows Store app releases and updates, to Nokia’s deals with mobile phone operators worldwide, and reviews of Nokia hardware and accessories, it’s hard to find something that Mark hasn’t covered. He’s got side-by-side video comparisons of different Lumia models, tips on photo-taking, and price-checking links to the best eBay deals for different Nokia handsets. If you want to do a spot of time-travel, try browsing the archives for some retro-tech fun: they’re organised by date, author and tag. Hey, we said he was thorough!

We also occasionally get treated to guest appearances from his wife, Shelia, who does a fantastic job showcasing the latest top tech. The vast majority of tech blogs are run by men, so it’s great to get a woman’s perspective on what’s hot and what’s not. It also make a lot of sense, when you consider that in certain countries, like the UK, more women own smartphones than men.

What’s its stand out feature?

The Nokia Blog regularly features some great videos hosted on their YouTube channel.  These gems include hands-on walkthroughs of apps, reviews of cool new products, unboxings, comparisons, top tips and even some great holiday footage shot on the latest Nokia Lumia. The videos are short and snappy usually only a few minutes in duration, and the app reviews include QR codes so that viewers can quickly download them—which we think is an excellent time-saving piece of quick thinking.


Where can you follow it?

Other than then site itself, you can find the The Nokia blog on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. What’s more, you can also sign up to their RSS feed to learn about the latest articles as soon as they’re published.

Congrats to Mark, Shelia and co for being the first ever Nokia Conversations Blog Star of the Week. We know there are dozens of other fantastic blogs out there, and we aim to showcase more of the best in the coming weeks and months. In the meantime, we’d love to hear what you think of The Nokia Blog and of other blogs you love best.