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Joao Luis

Not long ago we spoke with Joao Luis Costa, who told us how and why he had created the Nokia News Blog, not just once but twice.

Somewhat fittingly, Joao doesn’t have just one Nokia Lumia smartphones but two: a Nokia Lumia 820 and the Lumia 920. He carries them together all the time and they’re both vital to help him stay connected with his work and personal life.

However, if he had to choose between them, Joao says he would go for the Lumia 820. He says: ‘It’s just perfect in many ways, size, weight, design and it fits perfectly in ones hand.’

Here, Joao talks us through the Start Screen on his favourite Lumia.

Joao Luis

Which apps have you prioritised and why?

Rowi and Facebook for my digital social fix every day and all day. Staying connected all the time is important to me and these apps give me that easy access to my networks.

I have seven news apps tiled to my home screen, but when it comes to international news CNN beats them all. It’s been my favourite news channel for years. Nextgen keeps me updated with the 318 sites I follow on a regular basis.

Nokia News gives me easy access to view and comment on my blog and SNUpload allows me to upload my pictures to multiple social networks simultaneously. It’s extremely handy at all kinds of events and it’s so quick and easy to use.

Finally, Skype helps me cut down on call costs. All my international calls, incoming and outgoing, are routed through here. These are all the apps that I use more than once every day.

Joao Luis

What apps do you use to pass the time?

I love music, so Tuneln Radio for my local radio station listening and Nokia Music with Nokia Music+ subscription for my favourite Music Mixes are live savers and help pass the time often.

What’s the last app you paid for?

JoikuShare is the best and most simple way of sharing files between all my devices at home or office using WiFi – no cables required.

Joao Luis


Which app is your guilty pleasure?

The little kid in me loves games and my latest addiction is playing Cut the Rope, ever since I installed it on my Lumia 820 I just can’t help myself – I will not let those ropes get the better of me! If I don’t achieve 3 stars on a level, I will try and try again until I do.

Start screen