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Your Nokia Lumia smartphone is more than just a device for making phone calls, or browsing the Web. It’s your portable office when you’re away from your desk, and also a tool to help you be as productive as you want to be. We’ve already shared with you how to use Excel and Word on your Lumia; it’s now time for PowerPoint.

PowerPoint presentations are what business meetings are made of. They’ve undoubtedly been used when brokering some of the world’s largest business deals, as well as helping children present to classmates at school. PowerPoint is a versatile tool.

Firstly, unlike Excel or Word Mobile, you can’t create a PowerPoint on your Nokia Lumia. Instead, you can only edit them. There’s so much that goes into creating a PowerPoint, it’s probably easier and better to do that on your PC, anyway.


There are several ways in which you can create a PowerPoint presentation, either by using your existing Microsoft Office program installed on your PC, signing up for Office 365, or by simply using the PowerPoint Web App within your already existing Microsoft account.

For this demonstration we’ve used the latter option.

The first thing you need to do is to sign into your SkyDrive account by using your Microsoft account login details.

Under the Create tab along the blue menu bar at the top of your web page you’ll see the option to create a PowerPoint presentation. Click that with your cursor and give your presentation a name.

You’ll now be transported to the Microsoft PowerPoint Web App where you’ll initially have the option to choose from 21 themes for your presentation. Additionally, you can customise these themes further by selecting one of four different colour packs.

Of course, if you don’t want to use a theme, just click cancel.

With a starting slide positioned in front of you, you need to give it a title – go ahead and give it one.

Along the top of the browser you’ll see various options that allow you to add shapes, change the layout, create transitions, add text and media files, or to add new slides. Play around with all of those until you’ve created your PowerPoint.

We’ve created a simple example using the Microsoft PowerPoint Web App:

As you can see, it’s what you’d expect from a PowerPoint presentation. It has images, text boxes, and hyperlinks.

A great feature of Microsoft Office Web Apps is that any document you create saves automatically in your SkyDrive account.

Now, let’s get a presentation onto your phone. You can do that by creating your own, or you can download the example we’ve created above.

If you’ve downloaded this PowerPoint, you can save it in your SkyDrive account, or email it to yourself.

On your Nokia Lumia smartphone, find Office in the apps list if it’s not already pinned to your Start screen.

Then, within the Places panel select where you’ve stored the presentation, either; SkyDrive, Phone, Email, or Office 365, and tap on the presentation.

The selected presentation will now open up on your Nokia Lumia.


From here you can either view the presentation, or make small edits to it – but these edits are relatively minor in comparison to the full-featured Web or PC versions.

If you’re working as part of a team and somebody has sent you the presentation, you may only want to add some comments under the slides, without making any changes to the presentation itself.

However, if you want to make changes to the slides, you can only edit the text boxes, not the added media files.

The hyperlinks within the presentation are clickable on your Lumia and you’ll be taken to any web page, providing you’re connected to the Internet.

Once you’ve finished making your edits, tap the share button to send it back to your work colleagues, or you can save it to make further edits when you get back to your office desk.