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As a new football season draws near, get yourself kitted-up for the action with FIFA 13, the latest Nokia Lumia exclusive – out now.

Any footy fan will tell you that ‘their’ team is the best. Of course, they’re wrong; it’s your team, right?


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Prove it by pitting your team against theirs and taking to the pitch in FIFA 13, the only official licensed FIFA game on Windows Phone 8.

In FIFA 13 you can play in 30 different leagues and choose to play as one of the 500 licensed teams. No matter who you support, the chances are you’ll find your team, or certainly one you’ll want to take control of.

With that many teams, that means there are more than 15,000 different players to take control of as you fight to become the number one football team.


As you pick your team, you can decide which kit you want to wear, checkout the line-up, select any of the 32 stadiums available and even pick the weather for your game. There’s also the opportunity to select the ball if you have a particular favourite.

With spectacular graphics and simple controls, you’ll see your players running rings around your opponents as they near the opposing goal.

If you want a break from full-on games, you can opt for the tournament, a practice mode or even a penalty shoot-out game.


FIFA 13 is an Xbox game, which means that you can collect achievements and add to your gamerscore to compete with your other Xbox gaming buddies.

FIFA 13 costs £3.99 and is a big file to download, 951 MB to be precise, so make sure you download over Wi-Fi.

Are you a football fan? Are you dominating the FIFA 13 leader boards yet?

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