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Mike Browne's Start Screen

Mike Browne is the editor on – the official Nokia UK blog.

In his own words: “It’s my job to tap into everything Nokia and bring out the stories that are pertinent to the UK audience, whether that’s covering events happening in Britain, or simply discovering the best UK price deals.”

Here, Mike tells us about the Start Screen on his brand new Nokia Lumia 925.

Mike Browne's Start Screen

Which apps have you prioritised and why?

I travel a great deal, so everything on my Nokia Lumia is very much about staying in touch and staying entertained. So, I like to have phone functions and my contacts at the top of the screen, followed by email, both work and personal kept nice and separate. Quite boring I know, but it’s all about function. 

Music is a big passion of mine and is constantly playing in the background when travelling. The first thing I do whenever I get a new Nokia is fill it up with music. I also love dipping into Nokia Mix Radio, as the mixes on there always throw up something new to listen to.

One of the pleasures of travelling is discovering new places, I’ve been to Rome and Barcelona this year and also covered Lumia Live Sessions in Bristol and Liverpool, all places I’d never been before. I like to avoid public transport, so I prefer to walk around – you truly get a feel for a place when you’ve walked its streets. I like to walk until I’m lost and then find my way back using HERE Maps – the notion of being lost has vanished but it’s a great to explore.

I know the two examples are both Nokia apps but increasingly I find that the Nokia Lumia exclusive apps give me pretty much everything I need to stay in touch and on the go.

What apps do you use to pass the time?

I’m not one of those people who needs to be constantly using their phone, it’s a tool not a time filler. I seldom watch TV but I do like the fact that BBC iPlayer has now launched and allows me to catch up with what I’ve missed – the same with TVCatchup.  

I love movies, especially British cinema – Director Ben Wheatley (Sightseers, Kill List and Down Terrace) is my current must-see director at the moment. I use IMDb (Internet Movie Database) at least once a day to place-that-face and check out what’s happening. 

Mike Browne's Start Screen

What’s the last app you paid for?

I was brought up where thrift was at the forefront of thinking, so paying for apps isn’t something I do too often. What’s more, I’ve written so many articles helping others find the best free apps for their Nokia Lumia that I pretty much always know of an alternative!

Games are another matter, having played the demo of N.O.V.A. 3 that was a must-have purchase.

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

I live by the coast in the UK with less sky pollution at night than when I lived in the city, so using apps like SkyMap (there is a paid-for version but the free way is just as good) to check out the night sky are a fantastic way to learn something while walking along the prom of an evening.

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