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The Nokia Lumia 1020 is a revolutionary smartphone that pushes the boundaries of imaging performance to spectacular new heights, but there’s more to it than just a great camera.

Nokia Lumia 1020

Here we look at how Nokia married two of its most innovative smartphones to create a true ‘superphone’.

The Nokia 808 PureView provided the blueprint for a camera phone with a stunning 41-megapixel sensor. It was hailed as a revolution, but we knew we could make it even better.

There was also the innovative technology and industrial design from another hero of the Lumia range to reach for inspiration.

“Lumia 1020 brings a stunning evolution of the Lumia 920. We took that iconic design, which is uniquely Nokia, and took that forward,” says Tuomas Reivo from Nokia Design.

“Overall we made it sleeker, slimmer and lighter, but at the same time added in the best camera on the market.”

Nokia Lumia 1020

Camera at the core

It has some of our most advanced engineering inside, but Tuomas and the Nokia Design team also had to incorporate the camera into the beautifully sculpted form factor of the Lumia 1020.

“The amazing 41-megapixel camera sensor with Optical Image Stabilisation is the heart and soul of the device. It is a large innovation packed component, but we managed to visually bring all together in one solid, sleek package. Every detail has been optimised for an excellent camera experience, ” says Tuomas.

As well as clever design, several factors contribute to the camera bump ‘looking and feeling much smaller than the Nokia 808 PureView.’ You could even say that it looks svelte compared to its 41-megapixel predecessor. 

“All of the engine and camera related components were tailor-made just for this product to ensure a slim and solid package. I’m very pleased with it,” says Tuomas.

“The footprint of the camera bump on the smartphone is really iconic so it will be recognised as the Lumia 1020 from far away, even when people are holding it in their hands and taking pictures. We’ve made the back the new front.”

Nokia Lumia 1020

Precision detailing

In every single sense, the Nokia Lumia 1020 is a premium device.

“We focussed on making every part really precise. It might not be something that people will recognise instantly, but it’s something they will appreciate when they are using it,” says Tuomas of the overall finish and quality of the Nokia Lumia 1020.

“Every key click, every angle, every seam, every CNC detail is done with absolute precision. We know that when people get it, they will be proud to brandish it at every opportunity possible.”