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Nokia Lumia 1020: Angela Ricardo & Sam J Pullen

The excitement hasn’t lifted one bit since the Lumia 1020 was launched in New York last week, reinventing zoom as we know it.

As usual Nokia Connects brought a knowledgeable and enthusiastic group of bloggers along to help spread the word about our new smartphone, and here we’ll take a look at what they have to say.

If you missed the keynotes catch up with all that was said here. For something a little more in depth about how they were delivered, take a look at what Jay Montano from mynokiablog has to say about the actual unveiling.

“Congratulations Nokia, your Keynote was epic, your product was awesome and your people were fantastic” Jay

After the keynotes everybody was invited to go and play with the Nokia Lumia 1020. Sam J Pullen wasted no time getting involved and here’s his hands-on video of the phone and all of its hardware aspects. For the rest of Sam’s Nokia and Nokia Lumia 1020 videos head over to his YouTube channel.

Fashion blogger Angela Ricardo took the event by storm as she saw immediately how people in the fashion world could benefit from the Nokia Lumia 1020.

“Fashion and Beauty bloggers alike can innovate mobile blogging and vlogging with #Nokia#‎ZoomReinvented‬‪#‎Lumia1020‬ 41 Megapixel Mobile Camera – seriously the details are superb…” Angela

Nokia Lumia 1020: Angela Ricardo

You can find the full account of the event on her blog where you’ll see ample pictures and even some details of her encounter with Chris Weber.

Mark Guim toured the display floor and chatted with all of the lovely Nokia reps demonstrating different elements of the phone and its camera. Take a look at Mark’s video below for a quick hands-on, details about the rich sound recording the Nokia Lumia 1020 produces and a great demonstration of Camera Pro. More of Mark’s coverage can be found on his site so pay a visit to thenokiablog for that.

“People who aren’t interested in phones will be interested in the Lumia 1020. These camera demos are amazing #zoomreinvented” Mark

The Nokia Lumia 1020 and the innovation within the 41 Megapixel camera has captured the imagination of many. Its Xenon flash produces crisp low light images – even when shaken vigorously – and the new Camera Pro software brings tons of control and ease of use to the table.

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