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We recently asked you to take part in an informal poll to find out how you currently use NFC, and to also ask how you’d like to use it now or in the future. We asked, you responded, now let’s go through the results.

Currently, you’re all mostly using it to connect to your accessories. There’s no doubt that the simple action of tapping your phone against an accessory makes the whole pairing process easier and faster, with more than 22 per cent voting for this.

Second on our list is using NFC to share photos or videos, scoring over 19 per cent.

Out of those who voted, there are still a number of you – 17 per cent – who haven’t made the move to NFC yet. Why? It’s hard to tell from this poll. Maybe you don’t have it on your phone, or maybe you just don’t find a use for it. If you voted here, let us know why in the comments section below.

For the most part, it’s quite difficult to make any type of payment using NFC due to the extra security technology that’s needed to make it work. However, 9 per cent of you ticked the box that said you make payments using NFC on your phone. Again, if you’re currently doing this, do share with us how you’re doing it in the comments box at the bottom of this page.


As for where you want to use NFC, this was our most popular poll of the two – people love to think of the future, including us.

Receiving nearly 19 per cent of your votes, you would most like to use your NFC-enabled phone as a ticket on public transport.

How nice it would be to leave the Oyster Card or paper ticket at home and just tap your phone at the station gates or when you hop on or off a bus to pay the fare.

Of course, what good is leaving your travel ticket at home if you need to still take your wallet? That’s why over 17 per cent of you would like to make other payments by just tapping your phone against an NFC reader at the cash register – ditching the plastic cards you usually carry around with you.

And while you’re at it, leave the door keys at home, too. Over 16 per cent of you would like to be able to open locked doors using just your phone.

Additionally, 15 per cent voted to make travelling via airplane easier, by using NFC. Instead of the usual frantic search for your passport before you go on holiday, just take your phone, tap it against a reader when checking-in, boarding, or at security to have all your passport information digitally transferred.


Those are just the highlights; however. Check out the images of the results for a wider view.

Are you surprised by these results? Share your thought with us in the comments section below.