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Time Out remains one of the best go-to guides when you’re exploring the world, looking to find the best places to visit, and wanting to find out more about particular cities. There’s now a host of different Time Out guides available for the Nokia Lumia, and we’ve been putting them through their paces.

Time Out London is the guide I’m the most interested in personally, simply because I’m based in London and I’ve not really dedicated anywhere near enough time to checking out all the exciting bits. So what does it have to offer?

Navigating the app itself couldn’t be easier. You can swipe left or right between three screens: Featured, The Hot List and Menu. Menu is split into a host of sub options, including: Nearby now, What When Where, History, Search and Settings.


Featured throws up a list of things to do in the capital, such as visiting the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical, or the Rooftop Film Club in Peckham. Clicking on an item gives a comprehensive overview, but you’ll also be offered loads of different options within each event.

Swipe to the right and you’ll get details such as the price of an event; swipe again and you’ll get information on the venue, with the following tab offering up all the different dates that you can go along. There’s also a page with links to other similar events that you may want to check out. Find an event that you really like, and you can also add a Live tile to your Lumia’s Start screen. 


The Hot List again gives a list of places, events and happenings, but this time for things going on only in the next week. Click the title or photograph, and as before you’ll be taken to an overview and all the details you’ll ever need.


If you’re in one of the Time Out cities that you’re unfamiliar with, and don’t really know what to do, it’s well worth checking out Time Out’s location-aware feature. Hit Menu and Nearby Now, and you’ll be provided with a list of the nearest places and events you can visit.


What, Where, When lets you narrow things down a lot more, choosing the items and locations that are specifically suited to you. The page is made up of three scrollable columns, letting you pick things like Restaurants, Pubs, Theatres, Music, Art. You can scroll and pick days that suit you, and you can opt for a particular part of the city that you want to visit.


As soon as you’ve looked at something using the Time Out app, it’s automatically saved to the History, so it’s easy to find again in future even if you don’t add it to your Start screen.

You can download individual apps for Time Out in Paris, Los Angeles, New York and Barcelona, there’s not actually any need. Tap the tab at the top where it says London, and you can switch to the other Time Out locations without leaving the app. It’s unlikely that you’ll need to switch instantly between two locations, but it’s a neat feature to have, keeping things simple and uncomplicated.