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An exciting update that introduces great new features to Nokia Cinemagraph will make your animated images look better and more magical than ever before.

Nokia’s popular  app is an awesome creative tool that simply lets you  add an element of life and movement to your still photographs, transforming them into living memories.

Now, with the latest version, you’ll be able to create your cinemagraphs in splendid 1080x720p HD resolution.

Furthermore, when your cinemagraphs are shared and opened on a high-resolution display, such as a desktop computer, they will be rendered in a video format, rather than animated GIF. This means the image quality of the cinemagraph that you see on the screen will be much improved.

Fear not though, you’ll still be able to  share them with the world wide web and upload cinemagraphs as an animated GIF to view on a the web browser.

Colour popping

Cinemagraph 3.0 introduced some filters for you to enhance the Hollywood magic on your dynamic still images.

This new version takes another great feature of Nokia’s Creative Studio and brings it within the Cinemagraph fold: colour pop.

Colour popping turns your cinemagraph completely black and white. You are then offered a selection of colours in the image for you to ‘pop’ so that only the chosen colour will be visible in the cinemagraph. Perfect for a big juicy pair of red lips, or that bright blue sky you want to highlight.

The colour pop option will also enable you to fine tune the selection of the colours and extend or limit the area that is being colour popped.

Nokia Lumia 1020

This Cinemagraph update neatly coincides with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, the revolutionary smartphone that offers the best mobile imaging experience in the world.

Just imagine the sharpness and detail of the cinemagraphs that you’d be able to capture with a Lumia 1020!

This update will be available to all Nokia Lumia smartphones running on Windows Phone 8, although only those with at least 1GB of memory will benefit from the new HD resolution. It is available now in the Windows Phone Store.