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It’s the summer, you’re flat out on a deckchair, and you want to use apps, not research them… That’s where we come in! Here’s our top five new or updated apps and games from the past seven days, for Windows Phone users everywhere to enjoy. Now where’s my piña colada…?

App title: Battleloot Adventure

What is it? A turn-based RPG game

Why we love it? It’s cute and witty and addictive. Control a growing band of adventurers as you gallivant around Kameloot, gathering coins, buying kit, casting spells and kicking ass. It’s not the hardest game out there, but it’s sacks of fun, hard to put down, and brand new to the Windows Store.

Who it’s perfect for: Gamers


App title: TweeCoMinder

What is it? An accessory for twitter users

Why we love it? In a nutshell, this counts your tweets and sends you notifications when you’re nearing a milestone (500 or 1000 tweets, etc). Logging in, you can see your current tweet count, your next major milestone (one of my accounts, for instance, is coming up on 14000) and how many tweets remain before you reach it. You can set a custom target, as well as Toast and Live Tile notifications. It’s not going to change your world, but for the more numerically-excitable tweeters amongst us, it’s quite nifty.

Who it’s perfect for: tweeting statisticians


App title: 6Sec

What is it? An unofficial Vine app for Windows Phones

Why we love it? In the absence of an official Vine app, this is one of the many decent services that are filling the gap. Vine (and 6Sec) lets you create six second videos to upload and share. 6Sec is still in Beta, but it’s well worth getting on board now; finally WP users can upload their own Vines as well as looking at other people’s videos. Plus it looks good…

Who it’s perfect for: social media users and budding micro-filmmakers


App title: Photo Editor by Aviary

What is it? A photo-editing app

Why we love it? A straight-forward picture editing app—add effects, text or cartoon images, clean up your picture (remove blemishes or redeye),crop it, share it. The usual gamut of tools, but in a neat and speedy package. Most importantly, though, tt’s free for a limited time, so grab it fast!

Who it’s perfect for: photographers


App title: Qello

What is it? a music video streaming app

Why we love it? This isn’t quite new, but we missed it a couple of weeks ago (so many apps! so little time!) and we don’t want you to miss out. It’s a cross-platform gizmo, for watching music videos, gigs and documentaries. Qello TV has a HUGE archive of videos, and you can browse by genre, decade or artist, and create your own setlists.

Who it’s perfect for: Music lovers