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July 22, 2013

Coloud Boom, Knock and Pop: new fun and affordable headsets for Nokia

Zound Industries – the company behind Marshall Headphones, Molami, and Urbanears – is working with Nokia to produce a range of high-quality, yet affordable headsets under the Coloud brand.

The three new headsets customized for Nokia are called Boom, Knock and Pop, and each with a unique design and sound of its own.


Boom is designed to ensure that any noises from the outside world stays outside, thanks to the smart closed construction.


The large ear pads fit comfortably over your ears, while the padded rock-solid frame sits perfectly over your head – or around your neck when you’re taking a break from your favourite tunes.


Knock is similarly styled to Boom in that it’s a headset with ‘cans’ – i.e. they cover your ears.


Lighter than Boom, the design-awarded Knock has been made for those that like a more minimalistic style, but is still able to withstand what your life throws at it.


Pop is the in-ear alternative, for those who prefer not to have something wrapped over the head or covering their ears.


The angled ear-buds fit perfectly into any ear, thanks to the three different sized buds that come in the sales pack.

Boom, Knock, and Pop all feature the Zound Lasso with flat cable, an ingenious way of keeping the cables tangle-free.


In addition to the ‘cable-control’, all three also include an integrated microphone so that they can be used for making phone calls, as well as a control key to make/drop calls or control your music.

“We’re delighted to work with Zound to provide people with a range of stylish, colourful yet robust and affordable headphones. With Boom, Knock and Pop people can enjoy their music with a clear audio and style,” says Jarno Piironen, Head of Audio Accessories at Nokia.

“All three headphones are targeted for young achievers, passionate about their lives and enjoying music. Together with Nokia, we’re now able to bring the stylish headsets to even more people enjoying great audio experience around the world,” says Konrad Bergström, President and Founder, Zound Industries.

As you can see, Boom, Knock, and Pop come in either yellow, bright red, or cyan – Nokia’s iconic colours.

These headsets will work with all Nokia Lumia smartphones, selected Nokia Asha devices, and any device with a 3.5mm AHJ audio plug.

Boom, Knock, and Pop will be available from September costing €27, €22, and €18 respectively.