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Chuck Palahniuk, the award winning novelist best known for his book Fight Club, once said, “It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one.” Anyone who has ever written a short story collection, composed a song or painted a portrait knows the wisdom of these words. Happily help is at hand for upcoming creatives, thanks to an exciting partnership between Nokia and creative networking community Talenthouse.

Lighting your creativity spark

You only have to hold a Nokia smartphone to see how Nokia technology has given the world stunning tools for creating works of art. Countless photos, short films, music recordings etc. have been created in a mind-blowing variety of ways on Nokia devices over the years. Now Nokia is taking this desire to fuel creativity one step further.

Partners in the sublime

Creative community Talenthouse and Nokia have already partnered to encourage film making and photography. Earlier this year we worked together to launch the Nokia Music Short Film Competition. There were hundreds of fantastic entries and the lucky winner, Jason van Genderen’s Red Earth Hip Hop, eventually premiered at the prestigious Sundance London Film and Music Festival.

Jas_Sundance (2) WEB

Now we’ve launched the Nokia Low Light Photography Competition, which aims to discover and showcase the best up and coming photographers out there. The three lucky winners will get a Nokia Lumia 925, a photography trip to New Zealand and a photo spread in the iconic UK style magazine, Dazed and Confused. What’s more, those who take part in such Nokia hosted Creative Invites also have a chance to get their portfolio sponsored. This means you can earn anything up to 500 dollars just by showcasing your work on social networks.

Inviting you to be amazing

Our latest collaboration is the ongoing sponsorship of up and coming creative talent through a system of Member Invites. Now any member of Talenthouse, whether they’re designers, musicians, artists or photographers will have new opportunities to develop their skills. The Member Invite system gives them the tools to collaborate with each other and to make money from their art.  

How does it work?

Simply put, once you join Talenthouse you can seek out another artist (maybe you’re a singer who’s looking to make a video or a cartoonist who needs a music score), and ask them to work with you. If you end up collaborating you can receive funds for your creative projects. Nokia have invested $30,000 into prize funds for these projects.

This innovative new way of matching different talents is already paying dividends. Lucan Mills, for example, is a hip-hop artist from Southampton in the UK.  He is currently on the UK gig circuit and has collaborated with artists such as Raquelle Gracie, with whom he has a single out called Last Words. Lucan recently hosted a Member Invite, sponsored by Nokia, to invite producers to create a cutting edge beat for his latest track.

Lucan is just one of dozens of up and coming talents making use of this cool platform. If you’ve got a creative idea you want to make happen, why not join him and hook up with Nokia and Talenthouse today.

Who knows, it just might be the start of something big.