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Nokia Lumia 820 on the wireless charging plate

Nokia are trailblazing wireless charging technology, with an increasing range of very clever gadgets that will streamline your smartphone experience. This portfolio of cool kit doesn’t just make powering up easier, it makes your life easier too. Read on to find out how.

1. Drivers: sick of getting tangled in your phone’s charging cable when you’re trying to change gears, and then knocking the phone to the ground? Passengers: sick of your smartphone being tethered to the car’s lighter socket so you can’t reach it from the backseat? Well, say hello to wireless car charging, with the Nokia Wireless Charging Car Holder.


It does what it says on the tin. Your smartphone is cupped in the holder, which is itself plugged in and stays firmly stuck to the dashboard; your phone gets charged without the hassle of wires, and all the time it’s held in the perfect position to use for navigation. The NFC capabilities of the charger allow you to quickly access your favourite apps while it’s charging up, and passengers can pop the phone in and out of the holder as they need, without fiddling around with cables and distracting the driver. Ideal for long journeys!

2. It’s not always convenient for office-workers to free up a USB port for phone-charging. We’re pleased to report, however, that this is no longer a problem anymore for Nokia users. Make way for the Nokia Wireless Charging Platea discrete but attractive pad that takes up practically no space on your physical desktop (it’s smaller than most actual smartphones) and lets you charge your phone without disconnecting your flash drive or your mouse. Super simple to use, you just lay your phone down to charge up. Plus it comes in multiple colours, for the high-tech cubicle fashionistas amongst you…



3. This one’s for bedtime. No longer do you have to sleepily fumble with connectors when charging your phone at bedtime: wireless charging mats like the Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy allow you to just lay your Lumia smartphone down on its own pillow on the bedside table, and it’ll start charging immediately. The Plates, co-branded by furniture designers, Fatboy, come in a range of funky colours, too, if you want to coordinate your duvet cover to match. We certainly do…

Fatboy charging pillow

4. Want to listen to music, but your phone’s speakers won’t quite cut it for a kickass party sound, your battery’s going to conk out soon, and you haven’t enough plug sockets to sort out external speakers AND your phone charger? A rock’n’roll dilemma, if ever we heard one, but we have the answer, in the shape of the JBL Powerup Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia.


NFC technology allows this futuristic gadget to stream tunes from your phone and pump them out at up to 94 dB while your phone sits on top of it and charges, wires-free. If you’re fully charged up, Bluetooth will let you stream the music from phone to speaker at a range of up to 10m. It looks ace, and it’s got a bass output that’s sure to get you dancing. Impressive, huh?

5. Finally, for those of us who don’t want to simply lie our phones down while they’re charging—whether that’s by cable or wirelessly—Nokia have developed the Nokia Wireless Charging Stand.

Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Wireless Charging Stand DT-910

It’s simple: it charges your smartphone in an upright position, so you can watch movies, check emails, browse the Internet or flick through your music collection with ease while your battery gets a good once-over. This makes life considerably easier for us smartphone-addicts—we can prop the phone up beside us at the computer, at the dinner-table, on the coffee-table. The fun never ends!

We love them all, but which one do you think would best make your life easier? Let us know down below.