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Last week we asked you what your favourite colour is for the Nokia Asha 501 – whether it’s a shade currently available for the handset, or a particular hue you’d like to see go on sale. The results are now in, so read on to find out what colours Nokia lovers prefer.

The Nokia Asha 501 is available in a host of particularly bright colours: red, cyan, black, yellow, green and white. Although the choice will sound familiar to Nokia Lumia owners, some of the shades are all new – such as the incredibly bright red.

Such vivid colours seemed bound to split opinion, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. So what colour came out on top? The brighter the better in this case, with red taking the top honours and just over 23 per cent of your votes.


It’s a close-run thing though, with 20 per cent of you opting for the more conservative cyan – a colour that’s also proving one of the more popular on the Nokia Lumia range.

Just under 16 per cent have decided that the ever cool black is the way to go, with bright yellow and green tied in fourth place. White is currently trailing the others, but even ten per cent of you love the Asha 501 in white, so it’s still a colour to be proud of.

If there’s a colour you’d prefer to see more on the Nokia Asha 501, we also asked you to vote, ticking the ‘Other’ option on our poll. Although only a smidge over two per cent ticked this option, it’s still plenty of people, so it’s now over to you. What exactly is the other colour you’d love to see on the Nokia Asha 501? Leave a comment below and let us know.