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July 26, 2013

Mom and Entrepreneur Sharon uses Surface to Stay Organized at Home and at the Office

Mother of three and entrepreneur Sharon Schneider is using Surface to help keep her family organized and run her successful business. CEO and Founder of Moxie Jean, Sharon runs a company that purchases new and like-new clothing from families whose children have outgrown their clothes. Moxie Jean then resells that clothing to other moms and families. Creating a simple solution for a problem lots of people need solving can be the perfect equation for building a successful business. We got to sit down with Sharon in her home and at her office to see how she’s using Surface. Sharon shared with us some of her kids’ favorite games to play, some apps she uses in her business and how using Surface has made a difference for her.

How did you start Moxie Jean?

When my niece was born, I remember going through the piles of clothes I had accumulated from my three kids, all stacked up in the closet. It was so much work, and I thought I must not be the only mom who doesn’t want to be wasteful but could use some help organizing all the chaos. I recruited my sister and my mom and they helped me turn this idea into a reality. It’s amazing that here we are, almost two years later, and Moxie Jean is shipping baby and kids clothes to moms all over the country, every day.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

When a mom discovers Moxie Jean and gets her first shipment, she often writes us a glowing letter. It feels good to be helping other moms find quality and style at a great price.

How does your family use your Surface in your everyday life?

We use it every morning to get organized for the day: what are the news headlines, what is the weather going to be like, what is on the family calendar? It sits on our countertop and each of us checks it once or twice in the morning. Although their screen time is limited, the kids love to hop on and play a few games before dinner. And my daughter was inspired by her discovery of PowerPoint to put together her own presentation, researching dolphins and turning it into a 7-slide deck, all on the kids’ Surface!

How are you using Surface for your business?

We are Microsoft Office addicts, so having a very portable tablet with Excel means we use Surface all over the studio. And the pictures of our clothes look so gorgeous on Surface, it’s a great tool to show off our site when I am meeting new people, new partners and new investors, so I carry it with me to meetings and events.

How has using Surface helped you manage your time in being a mom and entrepreneur managing your business?

So many great productivity apps in once place! From Dropbox to Excel to email, I can get the little things done so quickly and easily so I can maximize my time with my family.

What are three of your favorite apps that you enjoy using most?

Dropbox, the Weather Channel (I love checking the radar to see storms moving in) and good ol’ Explorer, because the picture quality is so gorgeous it makes all the Moxie Jean clothes look so beautiful. I’m also just discovering Evernote, which seems like it could be great to keep track of those little ideas and suggestions and books you want to read.

Do your kids have any favorite games they like to play on Surface?

They like Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride.  They also love Angry Birds, of course, and Wipeout on the phone.

Would you say that Surface has helped make your life easier and bring your family a little closer together?

Surface definitely makes my life easier. 🙂

Where do you find your cooking apps?

We love AllRecipes, and the Food Networkis always a solid choice.

Anything else you’d like to share with moms or entrepreneurs out there who might be looking at also using Surface?

We picked the best tools for Moxie Jean based on an objective evaluation of different options, and it’s clear that Windows machines like Surface perform much better for an operating business like ours.

Emilie Bridon
Senior Manager – Microsoft Surface