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It’s no surprise that one of the most commonly used words on Conversations is ‘technology’. But it would be a mistake to think that this single word sums up the entire Nokia experience. Following on from the deeply tech savvy All About Windows Phone, our featured blog last week, this week’s Blog Star delivers a regular catwalk full of mobile chic. It’s about lifestyle made gorgeous, so please put your well-manicured mits together for

What is it?

‘4 Seasons of Everything,’ announces the tagline in the header, ‘Fashion and Beauty Collision’. is a fashion, beauty and style diary, featuring hair, skincare, makeup and clothing tips – alongside some prêt-à-porter thinking about Nokia style.


Who runs it?

It’s one of many online homes of Milan based Angela Ricardo, who describes herself as ‘full time blogger … Urban Primadonna, Jet-Setter and a certified Makeup Junkie’. We’d add to that style guru and major league individualist. She runs an incredible seven blogs, including this one. Each takes a different lifestyle angle, from food and travel to interiors and more. These are her passions – and one big thing that brings them together is Angela’s desire to make great stuff accessible whatever your budget.


See how that might just tie in with our own way of thinking?

What we love about it

We loved Angela’s recent ‘re-switch’ to Nokia. In fact, as she explains here, her relationship with Nokia phones (her ‘nokia-holism’ as she calls it) goes way back to when she was living in the Philippines. But her upgrade from iPhone to the Nokia Lumia 920 had such a massive impact that her new smartphone became not only a blogging tool, but also one of her blogging hot topics.


She wrote at the time: “From my personal perspective and as a blogger, having the Lumia 920 is more than enough to compete with an SLR with its whopping 8.7 megapixel.”

Angela’s positive attitude to making life more stylish on a budget is awesome. She told us when we travelled to Milan to interview her about her #switch: “I feel like everything is too expensive for me, so I try to find fashionable items that will make me look and feel good about myself without spending too much.”

In fact we officially recognised Angela’s creative approaches to looking and feeling good when we awarded her runner up prize in our Nokia LeiVanKash Competition in January.

What’s its stand out feature?

Angela has made a profession out of expressing her individuality and helping others to express their own. She’s great at using all the tools at her disposal to achieve that – whether that’s through hair products, nail care or bags and accessories or of course her Nokia smartphone. She joined other bloggers a few weeks ago at the launch of the Nokia Lumia 1020, but while others were getting excited about the fine technical detail of the 1020, Angela was seeing how this new smartphone will enhance her life as a blogger.


“I can literally give up bringing my SLR with me if I have this phone,” she wrote. “Having the Lumia 1020 … would take my blogging and vlogging to the next level.”

Hooking up beyond the blog

Angela is quite literally everywhere. You can find her other six blogs here, she’s on Twitter and Facebook of course – and here on YouTube and Instagram.

I’m off to check out Angela’s tips on looking sexy and fabulous for less (clearly, I need as much help as I can get) – but in the meantime, join the comments below and tell us how your Nokia phone helps bring out the style icon in you.