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The Nokia Asha 501 is one of the most exciting smartphones to hit the market in recent years, providing innovative features and beautiful design at an affordable price. Available in a range of vivid colours, the Asha 501 really stands out from the crowd, but there’s lots more you can do to customise your handset. Read on to find out more.




When it comes to changing sounds on the Nokia Asha 501, ringtones are the first that spring to mind. With two SIM cards in use with the Dual SIM version, and the ability to utilise two phone numbers, it’s actually possible to set a different ringtone for each SIM card. Click ‘Settings’, ‘Sounds and vibra’, and choose the SIM card you want to customise. Then pick the ringtone.

Import your own music



You’re not just restricted to existing ringtones, however, and it’s also possible to add your own music to use as a ringtone. Drag and drop the tunes you want to use into the Music folder on your Nokia Asha 501, and when you go to select a ringtone, click ‘Choose from music’.




Whether you’re looking at Fastlane or the more traditional homescreen, the Nokia Asha 501 still displays a large image in the background, and changing the image couldn’t be easier. Simply press ‘Settings’ and scroll down, and then click on ‘Wallpaper for homescreens’. Although you can’t add your own images, there are plenty of different photographs to choose from.




Picking just one specific colour for the Nokia Asha 501 can be tough, but thankfully you don’t need to. You can buy different-coloured shells for the phone, and the vibrant colours let you express your personality. Whether it’s bright red (and it really is bright), yellow, white, black or bright green, there’s a colour to suit all tastes and moods. Simply clip off the shell, and replace it when you want a change of colour.




As with the homescreen, it’s also easy to change the lockscreen on your Nokia Asha 501. Again just head to ‘Settings’, scroll down and tap ‘Wallpaper for lockscreens’. Pick the one you like best, and enjoy standing out from the crowd.

Haptic feedback



If you’re new to touchscreen phones, the lack of tactile feedback offered by traditional buttons can feel strange at first. That’s why the Nokia Asha 501 offers haptic feedback – with the phone vibrating gently when you press a button onscreen. Haptic feedback doesn’t suit everybody though, so it’s also easy to turn off. If you don’t like it, tap ‘Settings’, ‘Sounds and vibra’, scroll down and turn the vibration option off.




There are loads of different options available when it comes to customising sounds on the Nokia Asha 501. Along with the ringtones, you can change: Message tone, Email tone, Alarm tone, Reminder tone and Push notifications tone. All this can result in a phone that really is about you, and helping you stand out from the crowd.