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There’s one very good reason why the brilliant social news site Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the internet”. Because it has the stats to prove it.  In 2012, it gained over 37 billion page views and 400 million unique visitors. Some of these visitors were checking out the thriving Nokia and Windows Phone communities found in subreddits such as Windows Phone, Lumia Lovers and Nokia. Why? Because redditors are generally some of the most clued up people on the interwebs.

So, when Windows Phone moderators asked its subscribers why they chose a Windows Phone, we were understandably curious to hear the replies. Redditors answers gave both a fascinating insight into what makes Reddit such a great community and why Nokia Lumia is proving so popular.

roryok – Nokia Lumia 820

“I’d had two bad android experiences in a row and fancied a change. I’d heard a lot of good things about the simplicity of the OS and they all turned out to be true =)”

Skinbeater – Nokia Lumia 900

“Always liked Nokia. Wanted a tough and efficient smartphone.”

Nokia Lumia 820 colour range

ad5555 – Nokia Lumia 800

“It was £115 for an L800, unlocked. I had android, got fed up of having to install 3000 apps just to customize it and make it look good. I also like the WP simplicity.”

tom6561 –  Nokia Lumia 710

“Because iPhones were too expensive, cheap Android phones run like cr*p and I’ve always liked Nokia, and thought WP looked pretty and functional.”

zettajon –  Nokia Lumia 925

“Office and Sharepoint integration, Nokia’s amazing cameras, and the UI.”


wojtekmaj –  Nokia Lumia 820

“iPhones are expensive, Androids are too complicated to use and maintain; I love metro; I’ve been using Nokia since my childhood and so have my entire family so Lumia was an obvious next step.”

malekov –  Nokia Lumia 800

“Got a Lumia 800 because it was made by Nokia.”

Oddi –  Nokia Lumia 920

“I’m was big fan of the UI from the moment I saw it, and a big fan of Nokia, so it seemed like a good combination (technically, my first WP phone was some LG, but the Lumia 800 was the first WP phone I used as my main phone).”

iNouda –  Nokia Lumia 1020

“Probably because of Nokia’s awesome hardware and WP’s awesome design. I love the simplicity and functionality of Metro live tiles and I never really got into Android.”


jackoftherealm –  Nokia Lumia 920

To try something different, quick, and vibrant.”

kulhajs –  Nokia Lumia 620

“I don’t like Android, it’s just bad system when it’s lagging even on Galaxy S 4, something is wrong… Also I don’t use any product from Apple and iPhone is just ridiculously over priced. I bought Windows Phone because it has very nice design, it’s fast and smooth and it has everything I need.”

goombalover13 –  Nokia Lumia 928

“I chose a Windows Phone because I wanted something different…I felt that iOS was too boring and that Android was too unreliable (lag, thrid party apps for EVERYTHING, mostly lag though.) I saw that the Lumia 928 had finally landed on Verizon… So I jumped the boat. I am currently loving Windows Phone because of its swiftness and its beauty.”

Brewster-Rooster –  Nokia Lumia

“I just love the look of the OS, and really wanted Nokia hardware.”


alonzo-ny –  Nokia Lumia

“Bored to death of the identical ios/ android interface that hasn’t changed. Nokias are great phones. WP looks gorgeous and is something different. I wanted to contribute to creating a viable 3rd option.”

tomislavp4 – Nokia Lumia

“Tired of Android and love Nokia.”

imnewsogoeasy – Nokia Lumia 928

“Interested in the new platform and customization. Camera is a huge plus.”

amitnahar – Nokia Lumia 

“Nokia is the only reason behind choosing Windows Phone and i don’t like the lag which is there in Android.”

CharSiuBao9A – Nokia Lumia 920

“My friend showed me his phone (he is a VP at Microsoft) while he was visiting Hk. Loved the interface. Amazing camera on the 920.”

NotVirgil – Nokia Lumia 920

“I wanted something different than the other two. I had iOS previously, and Android was too confusing to know where to start, so I went with WP7. I’m on a Lumia 920 now, and love WP8.”

elmaratha – Nokia Lumia 510

“Always used Nokia, always will. As I wanted to upgrade over my 5233 and the 510 was launched cheap, I thought what the hell. “

Nokia Lumia 520

Anon123212321 – Nokia Lumia 925

“I fell in love with Metro on the Windows 8 beta, and absolutely hated my Android phone, so I decided to try it out by getting a Lumia 710, I loved it, so now I have a 925.”

piebob – Nokia Lumia

“because I like Nokia phone cameras. that’s almost 100% why I picked a Windows phone. that and I have a kneejerk anti-Apple fanboy bias.”

FredCompany  – Nokia Lumia 800

“Because they’re gorgeous and my iPhone 3G was slow.”

Chryssie – Nokia Lumia 920

“I’m a new Smartphone user. Having come from a Nokia feature phone, I trusted Nokia to make a device that would be sturdy. I also happen to be a C# developer and was hoping to try doing some Windows Phone 8 development.”


white90box – Nokia Lumia 900

“I wanted a Nokia smart phone for their reputation. I swore to never buy another Samsung after 3 inherently broken devices that I swear were rushed to market and shipped completely untested.”


So that’s Reddit’s reasons for making the switch but what about yours? As ever, we’d love to hear your thoughts down below.