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Fresh Paint, the hugely popular Windows 8 digital painting app created by Microsoft, makes its way to your Nokia Lumia smartphone to help you find the creative artist within.

Fresh Paint

[do action=”boxout”]Download Fresh Paint

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Store[/do]

Having been around since late 2012, Fresh Paint on Windows 8 has received – at time of writing this – 4536 reviews, with a four out of five star average rating. It’s no surprise that it’s now finally available for Windows Phone 8 smartphone users.

While there are other drawing/painting apps out there, this is unique in its delivery.

Rather than just provide you with some colours to crudely slop onto a blank white screen, Fresh Paint replicates what it’s like to paint on a canvas with real oil paint and brushes – albeit, digitally.

Your canvas actually looks like a textured canvas, and your brushes look like real brushes. You can select different sized brushes and each one has a different size tip, from long and thin to wide and short, just as you’d expect to see if you were to hold a real brush.


Then there’s the paint. With globules dotted about your palette, you can mix and match your colours to find the perfect shade needed for your painting. As with real paint, you can also use the mixed paints to create a gradient effect when you apply it to the canvas.

Fresh Paint isn’t just about creating entirely new, works of art; you can also use it to transform your photos into paintings, too.

Once you’ve finished painting, you can share your oiled canvases with your friends and family via text message, email, or via SkyDrive.


Fresh Paint for Windows Phone 8 currently has 153 reviews, with a rating of five out of five stars.

Cristian left this five star review:

Best painting app on my Nokia and Surface too 🙂

Another reviewer, Adam, gave it five stars and left these words:

This is a fun painting app. Lots of tools are built in and it’s easy to use.

Also giving Fresh Paint five stars, Christopher wrote this:

Awesome app! The best painting app ever, not to mention one of my favorite apps period! Great job Microsoft!

Fresh Paint runs on Windows Phone 8 smartphones with at least 1GB of RAM, such as the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 – download it today, for free.

Have you created any Fresh Paint masterpieces? Share them with us, in the comments section below.