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There’s an enormous wealth of technology information out here on the Internet, from massive (and growing) news digest sites like Techcrunch and Wired, web/arts/personal mashups like, and mobile-focussed platforms such as, ahem, Nokia Conversations. What we’d like to do, now, though, is to profile a few tech bloggers whom, over the years, we’ve found to be fascinating and compelling and inspirational, and to hopefully therefore widen your tech-blog top priority reading lists. The bonus? Everyone of these kick-ass writers is female. Who says tech is a boys game? Not these movers and shakers:

Julia Kaganskiy

Named as one of the most influential women in technology, this former arts journalist turned digital strategist and blogging superstar is all about arts/tech intersection points. Kaganskiy was behind Brooklyn’s pop-up Blue Box gallery, which showcased cutting edge contemporary art that explores the potential of emerging technology; she runs the Arts Cultures & Technology Meetup event series, which brings together and challenges arts and technology professionals; and she’s global editor of The Creator’s Project, an international network of digital artists that focuses on stuff like data visualisation, performance art and computational science.


Although she doesn’t personally author all the Creators Project blog entries, we definitely recommend checking it out; Kaganskiy’s editorial guidance keeps it fresh, relevant and exciting for all the more artsy geeks amongst you.

Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher is a tech expert and journalist whose column for the Wall Street Journal, Boom Town, was a massive hit in print and online; she was particularly focused on tech, Internet policy issues and home gadgets. These days, she’s best known for her work with D: All Things Digital, a major tech conference series she co-produces with her WSJ colleague, Walt Mossberg, that brings big-hitters from the tech and media worlds together.


Think Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and the ilk: this is big. The project’s website also hosts a busy and massively useful blog, and if you’re interested not only in tech news, but also in the cross-over of tech and business, Swisher’s own articles are must-reads.

Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg is a social media strategist and all-round digital whizz; professionally, her specialism is marketing and the web, and much of her work involves exploring blogger outreach, SEO and video marketing, and online marketing strategy and execution. By day, she’s a digital marketing consultant and the global ad sales director of Mashable, but by night she’s the blogger behind techipedia, a site with a strong focus on social media industry news and developments in online marketing.


She’s also contributed to a whole bunch of other tech news and review blogs, too, over the years, as seen here. Repeatedly called one of the most influential bloggers and marketers out there, she’s certainly one to bookmark.  


Gina Trapani


One site Tamar Weinberg has contributed to over the years is the fantastic Lifehacker, which was founded by yet another genius blogger, Gina Trapani. Trapani describes herself as somebody who builds apps, writes on the web and podcasts. As well as starting up Lifehacker (which we love, by the way; it’s one of our favourite tech blogs and one that makes smart tech really accessible to the common and wannabe geek) and leading it until 2009, she co-runs In Beta.


This is a podcast talk show about open source software and tech culture that you absolutely need to subscribe to. What’s more, she writes Smarter Ware, a blog that’s a mix of occasional personal posts and a shed-load of fascinating articles on web culture, software and women in tech. Check them all out if you want to stay in the loop…

Adi Robertson

A shout-out, finally, for one of the many sterling female bloggers that quietly contribute to sites like Wired, Techradar, ZDNet and the rest of the Internet’s many huge techy news portals. NYC-based Robertson writes for The Verge, a newish (2011) site that looks at tech, science, art and culture and features both news stories and longer analyses.


Roberts articles are on tech topics like 3D printing as well more general-interest nerdy fare like comics and gaming; she’s very much worth following if you want to keep abreast of what’s what in the world of digital technology.

These are five of our go-to bloggers for keeping up to date with the fast paced world of tech, but what about yours. Let us know, which blogging movers and shakers, we should be reading in the comments below.

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