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Iron Man 3

One of this year’s biggest Hollywood blockbusters saw the return of charismatic billionaire Tony Stark and his metallic alter ego, Iron Man

In this latest instalment, a mysterious and seemingly all-powerful enemy has robbed Tony Stark of everything that he holds dear, and our hero must rebuild his life and bring down his nemesis.

You can now guide Tony Stark on his road to recovery with Iron Man 3 on your Asha Touch device. The full game costs £3 to download from the Nokia Store but there’s a free demo that you can try before you have to hand over any money.

Take off 

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 is an innovative variation on the classic platform arcade game that many of you will be familiar with. The twist is that you can also fly around with the Iron Man suit.

Flying in the Iron Man suit is a joy. The controls on the touch screen display are easy to use and there’s an indicator arrow to show where you must fly next. As you fly around there are energy packs for you to collect.

There are tasks to be completed for each stage, such as eliminating the flying drones and confronting end-of-level villains in epic one-on-one combat.

You can enjoy the game with as much, or as little, knowledge of the Iron Man story as you want. You may not know anything about the plot but still find all the flying and fighting action extremely therapeutic. 

It is our friends at Gameloft who have developed Iron Man 3 and many other titles in the Nokia Store. Read our interview with Gameloft from the Nokia Asha 501 launch, where Iron Man 3 was just one of several exciting games mentioned.