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Nokia-music-main Modern smartphones like the Nokia Asha 501 are far more than just phones, with impressive cameras, big screens and a lot of features you can use every day. You can also use it as a music player, enjoying your favourite songs wherever you go. Read on to find out how to add music to your Asha 501. The first thing you’ll need to do is sort out a folder on your computer with the music you want to copy across. Put your songs into album folders and make sure everything is named clearly – then it will be a lot easier to find them when the tracks are on your phone. Note that the music files must be unprotected, not covered by any DRM (digital rights management) protection. How-to-put-music-on-your-nokia-Asha-501-5 It’s then time to connect your phone to your computer. Plug in the USB cable, and select Mass storage on the screen of your phone. When you plug in your phone, the Nokia Suite will also start up automatically. And although it’s great for syncing things like your contacts in the Phonebook, you can’t copy a playlist over to the Asha 501 using this app. When you select Mass storage though, it effectively turns your Nokia Asha 501 into a large USB memory device, letting you drag and drop files. If you’re using a PC, click on My Computer, and there should be a Removable disk showing up under Devices with Removable Storage. In this case, it’s the 4GB microSD card inside your Nokia, so double click on the icon. How-to-put-music-on-your-nokia-Asha-501-3 There should already be a Music folder in place, and all you need to do is pick the music you want on your Asha, and drop it into the Music folder. How-to-put-music-on-your-nokia-Asha-501-4 How-to-put-music-on-your-nokia-Asha-501-6 The process is near identical using Apple’s OS X operating system. Again, plug in your phone using the USB cable, select Mass storage, and this time look out for the memory card icon on your computer’s desktop. Open it, find the Music folder, and again drag and drop. That’s all there is to it, making it easy to update whenever you buy and download new music to your computer.