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The Nokia Lumia 1020 was born to take stellar photos, thanks to the 41-megapixels that zoom into more details than your eyes can see. You can shoot up and close for the tiny details of life, or far and wide, and go to the top of Seattle’s Space Needle, like the Windows Phone Blog team did. Check out their stunning photos.

Nokia Lumia 1020 photos from Seattle’s Space Needle

For seeing the details close up, please click on the images, which will take you to their SkyDrive account where you can view the original file in all its glory.

In this first image we’re looking at the city skyline. Take a look at that tower in the middle, and what appears to be a tiny flag. It’s impossible to tell what the flag is from this distance, but by zooming to full-res we can see it’s an American flag with its stars and stripes.


This next photo shows Seattle from a different angle and of a more low-lying city.

When you zoom in you can see all sorts of things. Towards the bottom of the screen there are some roadworks with traffic cones lining the highway, with some graffiti painted on the wall for good measure.

Oh, and looking for a Shell gas station? Look just left of the little tiny yellow building at the bottom; you’ll see the Shell logo.


The Windows Phone Blog team were also atop the Space Needle to celebrate Sub Pop Records’ 25th anniversary, by witnessing KEXP‘s broadcast. This next photo shows their equipment with the city landscape in the background.

What speakers do the broadcasters use for this event? Zoom in to find out.

It’s Fender – DeVille, of course.


The photos really show that the Nokia Lumia 1020 captures more than the eye can see. We can’t wait to see the stories you tell when you get it in your hands.