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If you’ve tried Nokia’s photography software Creative Studio, you’ll know how much fun you can have playing around with it.

In fact, it has tons of phototastic features, but one which has got us rubbing our hands together with childlike glee is Colour Pop.  Just as the name suggests it pops the colours in your photos by turning colour photos grayscale and letting you pick where to put colour back. The results can be amazing.

To show you how amazing, check out these cool shots from the fantastic photographers in the Facebook group Nothing but a Nokia. They’ve spent the last week playing around with the feature and here’s some of the magic images they’ve created.


Photo by Nosyaj Zeuqram


Photo by Swarup Furia


Photo by Abdul Rehman


Photo by Harish Kumar


Photo by Swarup Furia


Photo by Czarek Dziadurski 

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Photo by Joel Willans


Photo by Carol AcuAjung


Photo by Karthikeyan Dheenadhayalan


Photo by Shetty Abhijeet

Ten great examples of a great feature, but what about yours? Have you been bitten by the Colour Pop photos bug? If the answer is yes, why not share your shots in the comments below.

Title image credit: Jad Termsani