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If you’re one of life’s night owl’s and like your smartphones sleek and sophisticated, the Nokia Lumia 925 is the perfect match. Not only does it look amazing, it takes amazing low light photos as well. To celebrate this fact and to showcase the creativity of budding photographers, we’ve recently teamed up with Talenthouse and Dazed and Confused magazine to launch the Nokia Low Light Photography Competition.

The competition, which encouraged people to take urban city/street style photographs captured in low light conditions on any camera device, had over 2000 entries. From these Dazed and Confused and renowned photographer Tyrone LeBon have selected 50 lucky finalists to take the next step toward the ultimate prize of a trip to New Zealand, a Nokia Lumia 925 and a picture feature in one of the UK’s most prestigious style magazines. 

Over the next couple weeks these talented individuals will use a Nokia Lumia 925 to create a portfolio of low light shots from which the final three winners will eventually be chosen. In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of the fantastic photos that made the final.


“I love the city lights because they twinkle in your eyes.” By Claudine Julien


“I woke up this morning and it was yesterday.” By Alex Porter


“Smoke and Mirrors” By Vasti Visser


“Fiore” By Martina Bardot


“Detroit Skate Spot” By Amber Marie

These are just a taster of the low light delights, which made the final cut. To see the rest head on over to Talenthouse. The next photos we showcase from these guys will be taken on the Nokia Lumia 925. Question is what would you shoot if you had the chance?

Title image: Sam LI