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August 7, 2013

The Reliability Lab – Surface is Tough

There is a small, elite group of people at Microsoft who are paid to push products to their limits and beyond. And by products, in their case, I mean devices. Like all people with such jobs, they enjoy their work a little too much (see at 1:22). Last month on the Official Microsoft Blog, “On The Whiteboard” editor Pamela Woon filmed a tour of the Reliability Lab – the place where Surface is dropped, twisted, hit, soaked, cooled, heated, and otherwise put through its paces to test reliability.

The end result of all of this testing is a device that is rock-solid and reliable. I’ve recreated bits of this testing in real life, by accident, as have my otherwise delightful children. I reap the benefits of this team’s hard work every day as both my Surface Pro and Surface RT still look great and are going strong. It’s good to know that, long before you bought your Surface, the good folks in the reliability lab applied their considerable skills to make sure it will stand up to the rigors of life in the real world.

Dan Laycock
Senior Manager – Microsoft Surface