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Lumia 1020

With the latest cameras on phones getting ever more impressive, we wanted to know what you guys are actually doing with your photographs. Do you share them, do you show them off on your phone, do you use Bluetooth to send them to other people? Last week we set up a poll to find out. Read on to see the results.

Despite the big screens on the latest smartphones, the results make it clear that people still want to look at their photographs on a computer. Winning the most votes (just), 26.18 per cent of people transfer their photographs to their computers from their smartphones using a USB cable.

The poll featured an incredibly close finish, however, with a near-identical number, 25.06 per cent, voting for ‘Upload to Facebook’ as their most popular option.


With people wanting to upload images to the Internet straight from their Nokia phones, it’s easy to see why ‘Edit photographs on your Nokia using apps like Creative Studio’ came in a close third, with just under 18 per cent of the votes.

Facebook wasn’t the only social network on our poll though, and over 14 per cent of you upload your snaps to Twitter. Perhaps more intriguingly, just under 10 per cent of you guys opted for ‘Other’, so please do leave a comment below and let us know what you do with your photographs.

As for the remaining options, there are still plenty of people sharing photographs with Bluetooth (4.5 per cent), and just under half that amount sharing with NFC. Pinterest – the final option in our poll – came in eighth place, with under one per cent of the votes.

Check out exactly what people are doing with their snaps in the graph below: