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When the zombie apocalypse comes, you need to make sure you’re ready to survive. We’ve rounded-up five great zombie games to play on your Nokia Lumia that’ll get you fighting-fit in no time and ready to take on the undead.

Plants vs. Zombies – $4.99


As if zombies alone were not far-fetched enough, this game also introduces plants with super-powers.

You play as the far-from-normal garden plants as wave after wave of zombie encroach on your pristine lawn.

Grow peashooters that shoot peas, plant walnuts as a barricade and for mass destruction, don’t forget to plant the melon-pult; it hurls giant melons at the enemies.

Each plant costs, though, and you need to collect the sunshine as it beams down from the sky – You use these sun orbs as currency.

Zombie HQ – Free


Zombie HQ is where you go to take a break from killing all those zombies. It’s tiring work, after all.

But when you’re not resting, you find the action on the streets on the city where you must take down the zombie horde.

Equip yourself with explosives, shotguns, sniper rifles, and flamethrowers to name just a few, and rescue survivors in the process.

If you find yourself outnumbered, make sure you’re wearing some body armour; you’ll want to keep your brains.

Dredd vs. Zombies – Free


What if you had a chance to re-write one of the greatest movies of the 90s – Judge Dredd? You’d stick in some zombies, right? Exactly!

In this game you play as Judge Dredd who’s mission is to protect Mega-City One from the moaning and groaning undead.

In true Dredd-style, the best way to do that is to grab a gun, stick on some oversized armoured shoulder pads and start shooting.

“I am the law! Put down those brains and prepare to be judged.” That’s what we’d imagine he’d say if it were actually a movie.

BBB: App-ocalypse – Free

BBB: App-ocalypse

Set in an apocalyptic world, the brain-eating undead wander the streets looking for brain to eat. Your brain, to be precise.

Stop them in their tracks and turn these undead back into good ol’ regular dead.

You control a group of five survivors struggling to keep control of their fortress. Fortunately, there are weapons to hand to make your plight easier. Plus, a number of mini games are available throughout the levels to keep you occupied.

Bomberman vs. Zombies – Free


Remember Bomberman? It was a brilliant game that I, and many of my school friends, used to play in the 80/90s.

The idea of the game is exactly as it was some 20 years ago. Wander around a maze laying down bombs and blowing things up, while trying to avoid the explosions in the process.

How to make that game better? Throw in some zombies! It’s as simple as that. Now, you have zombies to blow up.

Are you a zombie fan? Let us know what you thin of these games, using the comments section below.

Image credit: Thierry erhmann