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An interesting debate has been raging in the Nokia Conversations office over the past couple of weeks, as both Adam Fraser and I are convinced that we have the best all-round Nokia phone. It’s not just about features in this case though, but about which handset is actually better suited to our needs. Read on to see why I prefer the Nokia Lumia 620, and why Adam has opted for its bigger brother, the Nokia Lumia 720.

Why I love the Lumia 620
By Phil Barker

With the current trend for bigger and bigger screens on phones, I must be in the minority when it comes to loving smaller, compact handsets. I have incredibly small hands, so the Nokia Lumia 620 really is my perfect smartphone.

The 3.8-inch screen is the ideal size for me to reach all the Live Tiles or zoom in and out comfortably, yet it’s also big enough to browse the web, check out my favourite photographs or even watch movies on the move.


Better yet, the fact it’s smaller than some other Lumia models means I can also comfortably tap any part of the screen with one hand – something I can’t do with Nokia’s larger phones – which is great when I’m doing something at the same time, such as dragging a golf trolley along behind me and keeping score on my 620.

The Dual Shot shells are another feature I really love about the Nokia Lumia 620. The brightly coloured shells make it easy to give your phone a distinctive new look without having to buy a new handset, and they’re also a massive boon if you’re unlucky enough to drop and scratch your phone. Simply swap to another shell, and it looks as good as new again.

The inclusion of a microSD memory card reader is another plus for me, making it easy to transfer photographs that I’ve taken with the 5-megapixel snapper straight to my laptop or tablet, or switch for another card if I fancy a complete change of music.


And despite sitting at the more affordable end of Nokia’s smartphone range, the Lumia 620 is still packed with features, including the ability to shoot video in 720p HD, NFC for wireless connections or payments and a comprehensive software package including HERE Maps, HERE Drive+ and HERE City Lens.

Am I tempted by Adam’s Lumia 720? I’d definitely like the ZEISS camera, but overall the Lumia 620 strikes a brilliant balance between features, design and affordability.


Why I’ve picked the Lumia 720
By Adam Fraser


Having already owned the Nokia Lumia 620, I feel in the perfect position to compare it against the Lumia 720 as that’s now my current phone.

While I very much agree with Phil that the size of the Lumia 620 makes it fit neatly in the hand, and the dual-shot design is striking, I prefer the slimness of the Lumia 720 and some of the extra functions.

Should I drop the phone, I feel confident that the Gorilla Glass from Corning will be able to withstand the impact – or even just the loose change that sits next to my phone in my pocket.

Nokia Lumia 720

The 6.7-megapixel camera with ZEISS optics takes great photos. When I’m out and about in London and see something interesting, which is quite often, I can rely on the Lumia 720 to capture the scene with a couple of clicks.

Also, the Lumia 720 supports wireless charging so I can just pop my phone onto a charging plate to have it charge – with the additional wireless charging shell, of course.

While these features make for a bigger phone, that’s still comfortable to hold and fits nicely in my pocket, it only weighs 1 gram more than the Lumia 620.

I for one am happy with my bright red Nokia Lumia 720 and its crimson accent colours.

We’d love to hear your opinion though. What’s your current favourite Lumia, and what makes it stand out from other handsets? Leave a comment below.