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You only have to do an online search for “tech blogs” to see the mind-blowing amount of options you have to choose from. However, not all blogs are created equal. To prove it we’re bringing it all back home this week with this week’s Blog Star, the superbly Nokia-focussed Nokia Innovation!

What is it?

The subtitle says it all: ‘Your Portal to Anything Nokia & Mobile Tech’. Updated several times a day, this is a straightforward news/reviews/features blog with a particular focus on Nokia products, design and news, but with a broad enough remit to deal also with Windows Phone and general Microsoft issues as they affect Nokia users. It’s got regular written articles, video reviews and demos, commentary on news and industry speculation, and cross-platform comparisons of both phones and apps. In a nutshell, all you could want for your Nokia news.


Who runs it?

There’s no About page on Nokia Innovation, which, though unusual, is refreshing: this one really is just about the content. That said, each post ends with a bio of the writer, so we do know who’s behind the scenes. It’s co-written by a bunch of writers, and the editor-in-chief is Lenny Bonsignore, whom we interviewed here about his switch to Windows from Symbian. His team are all mobile enthusiasts in far-flung locations (from Wiltshire to NYC) and include editor Erick Macapagal and head writer Kevin Everett, a self described “Nokia geek” who also writes for Daily Mobile.  


What we love about it

 We love the straightforward simplicity of the blog format: it’s easy to navigate and the RSS feed means you can hook it up to a reader on your smartphone and never miss an update. What we particularly like, though, is that it’s run by a bunch of true enthusiasts. They pick up Nokia, Windows Phone and Microsoft news from around the web, but they also analyse what they find, and their reviews are far from bland: they’re not afraid to criticise their favourite products. That means the products are getting properly road-tested by experienced users and the readers aren’t merely getting whitewashed fan-boy tributes.

What’s its stand-out feature?

It’s hard to pick out a single feature—the whole site is strong—but, again, we like the knowledgeable yet accessible tone of its contributors, which is apparent in their in-depth reviews, both written and in video form. The site also features occasional opinion-pieces, such as this by Rafael, which gives a truly honest evaluation of his conversion to the Windows Phone experience, and which makes the blog stand out as much, much more than just another copy-and-paste news update site.

Hooking up beyond the blog

All of Nokia Innovations’ contributing writers are on Twitter. Checkout the sidebar down the right-hand side of the main page to find links to all ten of their accounts. The blog’s YouTube channel is here and the Facebook Page is here.

We love this site: proper mobile tech enthusiasts devoting serious hours to Nokia products and giving us a piece of their mind, to boot. Questions is, what do you like best about Nokia Innovation?

Image credit: Doggybiscuit