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Getting a new smartphone can be incredibly exciting, but it can also be worrying as you attempt to move your phone numbers, photographs, music and other things to your latest handset. Thankfully, if you’re switching from a Nokia Asha to a Nokia Lumia, things couldn’t be easier. Here’s what you need to know.

Copying contacts

The easiest way to get your contacts from your Nokia Asha onto your Nokia Lumia is to save them to your SIM card, as you’ll probably be swapping the card over anyway. Click on Contacts, tap the menu button at the top left, and click ‘Copy contacts’. Tap ‘Select contacts’, and then press the menu button again, followed by ‘Mark all’. This means all your contacts are highlighted, and ready to copy to the SIM card.

Click the tick button, and then select the SIM card to start copying. When it’s finished, put the SIM in your Lumia, and then click on ‘People’. Tap the menu button, and then ‘Settings’. Press ‘Import contacts’, and the contacts from the SIM card will be imported onto your Nokia Lumia.


Transferring photographs

There are two ways you can get your photographs from your Nokia Asha onto your Nokia Lumia. If your new Lumia has a microSD card reader, you’ll be able to access images directly: Simply plug in your memory card, open your photographs and look for the ‘Images’ folder with your Asha photographs in.

If your Lumia doesn’t have a microSD slot, it only takes a couple of minutes to use a USB cable and backup all your photographs to your computer, before moving them across to your new phone. Plug the USB cable into your phone and computer, and then select ‘Mass storage’ on the screen of your Asha.

Open the Removable Disk folder that appears on your computer, and then copy the ‘Images’ folder over to your desktop. With the photographs saved on your computer, it’s then time to move them onto your Lumia.


It’s easy to drag and drop the files to your new phone: Open the Windows Phone folder that appears on your PC, click ‘Phone’, and then open the ‘Saved Pictures’ folder. Drag and drop the images you want on your Lumia, and they’ll appear the next time you browse through the photographs on your phone.

Transfer your music

Moving your music across is also incredibly easy. Once again plug in your Nokia Asha, select ‘Mass storage’, and then pick the ‘Music’ folder from your phone’s memory card. Drag and drop the tracks and albums you want to a folder on your desktop.

As with photographs, select the Windows Phone icon when it pops up on your PC, and then you can drag and drop your favourite tunes to the Music folder. If your Lumia has a microSD reader, you can choose between storing music on the memory card or the phone itself.

Copying to Lumia via SkyDrive


If you have a little more time, and want a simple solution when it comes to copying contacts, photographs and other files, you can also use SkyDrive. To get started, connect the USB cable to your Asha, and select ‘Nokia Suite’ on the screen. When Nokia Suite starts, click ‘Copy to Lumia using SkyDrive’.

Log in using your SkyDrive account details, and then click the options you want to copy: Contacts, Calendar, Photos. Once they’re backed up, it’s easy to access details from your new Lumia.

When you first set the Lumia up, sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to back up your Asha details. From here you can opt to restore your device, picking your backup and then downloading it to your handset. All you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions.