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Mark Guim's Start Screen

The latest Nokia enthusiast to share their Start Screen with us is none other than Mark Guim of The Nokia Blog. Mark is also of the Nokia Connects MVC judges.

In Mark’s own words: 

“I’m currently using a yellow Nokia Lumia 1020, but would love to see it in red! The camera on this thing is amazing. Having both lossless zoom and optical image stabilization in this portable size makes the Lumia 1020 a great tool.”

This is how Mark has his Start Screen set up. 

Mark Guim's Start Screen

Which apps have you prioritised and why?

I don’t have any wide tiles towards the top of my Start Screen since I don’t want to scroll too much. Along the very top are Metrotalk, the Me tile, the Messaging tile and Internet Explorer.

I use Metrotalk because I have Google Voice. I have multiple phones and SIM cards, but people can reach me by using one number. I use the Me tile to quickly update my Facebook and Twitter status.

What apps do you use to pass the time?

Twitter and Facebook. I use Twitter mostly for checking news and Facebook to see photos of what my friends are up to. 

What’s the last app you paid for?

WPGram ($0.99), it’s an Instagram app that supports video playback.

Which app is your guilty pleasure?

Groupme. It’s a group messaging app my basketball buddies use to schedule our pickup games. Since the app also works on Android and iOS, everyone can use it. The conversations often go off-topic and become really silly.

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