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Pouch for Nokia Lumia lets you sync with your Pocket account, accessing content, articles and features that you’ve saved for later reading.

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Pouch QR
  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Store


It’s a great app if you use your phone for entertainment, and it features an incredibly simple and easy to use interface.

To get started with Pouch (£0.79p), you’ll need to have a Pocket account. For those who haven’t used Pocket in the past, it’s designed to let you save web pages for later reading or viewing.

Simply download the app or plugin for your computer or web browser, and whenever you come across something you’d either like to revisit later or on multiple occasions, save it using Pocket.

Once it’s saved, Pouch is the perfect client to let you revisit that content on your Nokia Lumia. Once you’ve logged into Pouch, it will automatically sync with your Pocket account.

The app is beautifully designed, matching the Windows Phone OS perfectly, and refreshing content or navigating the app is just as simple as checking out new emails on your Nokia.


Content that you’ve added to your Pocket account to view later appear under the Queue page, complete with headline and thumbnails. Click to open the article, and you can read it in the Pouch app itself.

This is where the app really excels, putting text into a single column that’s clear, a good size and easy to read, without having to scroll across web pages. You can also open the link to the actual story itself if you want to see the original story. You can even get your Nokia Lumia to read an article out loud, by clicking the menu button and then tapping ‘Read article’.

Once you’ve finished reading an article using Pocket on your computer, it’s automatically moved to the Archive – and when you refresh Pouch on your Lumia the article will also appear under the Archive page. If you read the article on your phone instead, you can move it manually to the Archive page, or if it’s a particular favourite you can also move it to the Favourites page, making it easier to revisit in the future.


It’s also simple to add new content that you’ve found when browsing the web on your Nokia Lumia. Simply copy the URL, click the Pouch Menu button, press Add and then paste the URL. The article will automatically be added to the Queue page.

Pouch isn’t just restricted to articles either, and you can also save YouTube videos for further viewing. I found that the app automatically tried to open YouTube links in my Nokia Lumia 620’s web browser – which isn’t compatible – so if you are opening videos make sure you head to settings, and check the box that opens videos in the YouTube app.

If you’ve been using Pocket for some time, the chances are you’ll have built up a formidable amount of content. Thankfully, this is also easy to manage using Pouch, with the ability to search through content, and arrange by date.

All-in-all, Pouch is a great app to have on your Lumia. With articles appearing near instantly in the app, it’s a much quicker solution than trying to revisit pages or favourites in the web browser, and it really is perfectly designed when it comes to reading articles.