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If you’ve ever wanted to watch quick and easy videos on how-to do something with your Windows Phone 8 smartphone, look no further than Microsoft’s Sparked TV YouTube channel. Each video lasts about 60 seconds and full of useful info. Here are five useful tips for your Nokia Lumia from Sparked TV.

Whether you’re new to Nokia Lumia and Windows Phone 8, or you’ve been using it for a while, there’s always something new to learn.

Backup your data

It’s always a good idea to make a backup of your personal data. What if something happens to your phone, or if you move from one phone to another?

A backup makes sure you’ve always got access to your text messages, call history, photos and videos, as well as your app list and settings.

Sync iTunes library to Windows Phone

If you have an iTunes player full of music and you want to transfer that library to your Nokia Lumia, you can*. Just install the Windows Phone App and follow the few short steps in this video.

Messaging – including Facebook chat

When it comes to messaging your friends or family, naturally you’ll need to head over to the messaging app on your Nokia Lumia.

However, it’s worth noting that from here not only can you send an SMS but also message people using Facebook chat. Messaging will display all the chats in the same threaded view that you’re familiar with to ensure that always a part of the conversation.

Setting up Kid’s Corner

For those with children, you’ll know all too well that they love to play with your phone. Sometimes this can lead to your kids inadvertently sending out nonsensical emails to work colleagues, or phone calls to anybody in your phone list.

The Kid’s Corner on your Nokia Lumia lets your child play games or apps, but keeps them away from your important grown-up stuff.

Making the most of People Hub

The People Hub is at the heart of your Nokia Lumia. It’s where all the details of your friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances are gathered.

Make the most of it by using the what’s new feed to stay informed of what all your friends are doing on their social networks and by creating personal private rooms for you all to chat.

*Some DRM protected files can’t be copied for legal reasons.

Were any of these tips useful to you, or do you have any others to share with us? Do let us know, using the comments section below