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Here, at Nokia Conversations, we’ve all been busy recording our lives with our Nokia Lumia 925s ever since we got hold of them. But our home videos are a far cry from the short movie magic created by the award-winning Norwegian director Anders Øvergaard.

Passionate about film ever since he borrowed his Dad’s camcorder at the age of twelve, Anders recently got to grips with the Lumia 925. The short movie he created with it is an inspiration to amateur filmmakers everywhere. So, to get some top tips and find out how the Nokia Lumia 925 fared, we hooked up with the man himself.

The short film has a very realistic feel, as if you were there watching it all unfold… yet there’s a slightly eerie atmosphere. How did you achieve this and how did the Nokia Lumia 925 contribute to it? What gave you the inspiration for the subject matter?

“Me and my friend have done several improvised films, where we just bring the camera and find locations as we go. When I see an exciting, strange or beautiful location I can use the camera to express my first impression. I use motion and shoot from different angles to focus on different objects I find interesting. Improvisation and spontaneous ideas can often give you good results!


I think that the movement I did with the camera, the ambient sound I added and the fact that Nokia Lumia 925 shoots in 30 frames gives the audience the feeling of being a part of the film. 25 frames per second gives you the typical film-look, but shooting with more frames gives you a more realistic look, such as what Peter Jackson did with The Hobbit, where he filmed with 48 frames per second.”

What do you think about the 925 as a short film camera? How would you describe the experience of shooting with it?

“The Nokia Lumia 925 is really practical, because it’s so small. It’s easy to shoot in tight places and from creative angles. The first shot in the film would have been harder with a bigger camera. Because of the small size, you are also able to move quickly around with it, which helps the actor to stay in his/her role without having to wait too long for the new camera angle.


The Lumia 925 has no screw mount for a common tripod or shoulder rig, and rigs made for phones are often a bit unpractical. I also missed having manual exposure and manual focus in addition to optical zoom. I have heard rumors that the new Nokia Lumia 1020 has this functions, so I’m really excited. Other than that, the phone produces some really sharp and nice video!”

What were its benefits and for what kind of film would it work best? Any features that stood out in particular?

“Because of the PureView technology and the large aperture, the phone works great in low light. It’s not necessary to rig external lights when shooting indoors, and that’s a big plus.

Since the camera shoots in 30fps and has a lot of auto features, I would say it’s best for home videos and documentaries.”

You recently shot a music video with the Nokia Lumia 920. How does the 925 compare to the 920? 

“Since the Lumia 925 is much lighter it’s easier to attach it to different rigs. The screen seems to be brighter, so filming in sunlight is easier.”

 What would be your top tips for an aspiring filmmaker using the Nokia Lumia 925?

“Remember that you don’t need the most expensive equipment to make good looking films. If you have the Lumia 925, test it out in different light settings so you get to know how the camera adjusts itself to compensate for the light. If your shots get too orange or blue, try to adjust the white balance. A great tip for cinematic shots is to move the camera while filming. You can really build up the tension with very small movement, for example towards the actor. Since the Lumia 925 has a built in stabilizer, it’s quite easy to do this without a lot of shakiness. Good luck!”


Anders has certainly made the most of his Nokia Lumia 925, now it’s our turn. Before you head out with your camera in action, make sure you check Anders’s excellent tutorial on using light for your films. So, what will you shoot next with your Nokia Lumia 925? Let us know in the comments below.