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If you’re one of life’s music lovers, you’re in luck when it comes to Nokia Gear. Especially created to help you get the most out of your smartphone and fantastic music services like Nokia Music, these accessories have proven to be a real hit. But when there’s so many cool pieces of kit to choose from it’s sometimes difficult to pick a favourite. Happily, we know Nokia Conversations readers love a challenge so we’re asking you to do just that. To help you out, here’s a quick reminder of the Nokia Gear music masterpieces on offer.

JBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for Nokia

Thanks to NFC and Bluetooth, with the JNL PowerUp you can just tap your phone against the speaker to connect, charge and stream music seamless. This beauty combines stunning acoustic engineering from JBL and a minimalist design delivering thumping bass that will you have you a groovin’ all night long.


Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster

Once you charge your Nokia Purity Pro headset up you’re ready to rock. Simply tap your NFC or Bluetooth phone against it and you’ll get 24 hours of music and chat. Combining beautiful design and superb audio these wireless headphones have some serious attitude.

Nokia purity pro wireless stereo headset by Monster

Bluetooth Stereo Headset BH-221 

Play your music and listen to the radio or handle your calls with this fantastic wireless Bluetooth stereo clip-on device. Coming in range of bright colours and having a built-in OLED display it’s ideal for tunes on the go.


Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster

Thanks to advanced Monster driver technology, these cool looking headset gives you truly accurate audio reproduction for a rich, clear and dynamic sound. Add to that comfy, noise isolating earbuds and you’re guaranteed pure sounds uninterrupted by the background noise of everyday life.


Nokia Play 360° Wireless Speaker

With the Nokia Play 360°at hand wherever you go, you can play your music in 360 degrees with omindirectional audio, boosted by a bass reflex chamber for deep and rich tones. Wire-free and compact, you can literally take it anywhere. What’s more, with a rechargable and replaceable battery, there’s no need for the clutter of an external power supply. Hurrah!

Nokia Play 360_10

A fab five, we’re sure you’ll agree, but which one of these do you love best? Vote now and share you reasons why in the comments section down below. May the best Gear win!