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Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, hiker or walker, Runtastic’s suite of apps helps you track, monitor and share the results from your workout. 

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Runtastic QR
  1. Press the Search button and tap Vision
  2. Scan the QR code
  3. Tap on the link when it appears
  4. Install the app from the Windows Phone Store


Since launching their first app three years ago, Runtastic has expanded worldwide to motivate people of all fitness levels to get in shape, stay fit and feel great.

Runtastic (free, or £3.99 for the Pro version) has teamed up with Nokia Music to offer fitness enthusiasts great mixes to listen to while they are out exercising. This fantastic feature is exclusive to Nokia Lumia smartphones.

To get more background on Nokia Music’s partnership with Runtastic, we chatted with Nathan Cox, Product Manager for Nokia Music Third Party Partnerships.

“The APIs let us build innovative partnerships to integrate music into apps and to make it easy to enjoy music wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. Working out is one of those contexts where music really has the ability to transform your experience.

“By partnering with Runtastic, we are making it easier for Runtastic users to use music to give them a motivational lift, to help them achieve their fitness goals.”


The latest versions of Runtastic and Runtastic PRO, both have Nokia Music’s hugely popular ad free Mix Radio feature integrated directly into the app, says Nathan.

Runtastic Pro

“Our Mixmasters have put together a selection of fantastic fitness music mixes, drawn from Nokia Music collection of over 25 million tracks, to keep Runtastic users motivated to the end of their workout and beyond.”

“For me personally, I listen to music most when I’m exercising. What’s great about Nokia Music’s Mix Radio is that I don’t have to think about what to listen to, and then go to the trouble of creating a playlist before I go for a run on a Sunday morning. I can just get up and get out, and trust Nokia Music to provide the perfect mix. And now I can do that from within the Runtastic app – so I can log-in, set up my work-out and kick off the mix all in one go.”

According to Florian Gschwandtner, CEO of Runtastic:

“Our users love listening to music when they workout as it keeps them motivated, so we are excited to offer this new service together with Nokia.” 

The latest versions of Runtastic and Runtastic Pro are available now.

To find out more about Nokia Music’s APIs, take a look at samples and look at the documentation, see the Nokia Developer website.