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It’s been a busy week for us, and we’re sure it’s been a busy week for you, so who’s got the time to sift through all the new release Windows Phone apps when the sun is shining and the summer is ticking away? That’s a rhetorical question, of course, because that’s exactly why our week has been busy: we’re app-sifters extraordinaire! And here’s our top five new and updated app  finds of the week…

App title: Tide

What is it? An app that provides tide info for surfers

Why we love it? It’s simple and useful—isn’t that what most apps should be? Launch the app, chose your spot (it’s got beaches from Australasia, Europe, Indonesia and North America) and check out the stats. It’ll tell you the max height of the surf, the swell, speed and wind direction of the waves, what the temperature is, as well as the high and low tides and the times of sunrise and sunset. Scroll down on the main page and you’ll see the changing surf, swell and temp over the next day. It’s really well-designed, with a handy how-to guide just in case, and it’s even got an animation illustrating the altering size of the waves as the surf stats change. We love this so much it’s making us want to take up water-sports.

Who it’s perfect for: surfers


App title: GeoPhoto

What is it? Displays a map with your photos pinned to their individual locations to show where you’ve been

Why we love it? It’s simple and cute. Make sure you have location-tagging enabled on your photo settings, and then snap away; load the app and it’ll load your shots onto a map, which you can then zoom in and out to get a closer look. This’ll work best if you move around a lot, and it’s a great way of makng your friends jealous after a road-trip…

Who it’s perfect for: travellers



App title: Phototastic

What is it? A photography sharing app

Why we love it? Another app to join the legions of social media sharing devices, but this is a nifty one. Add funky frames and text labels to your snapshots, or make a photo collage, and share the results via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket or Tumblr. You’ll need to downloads the paid version to get the latter four to work, though, and also to enable HD uploading, more collage designs and to get rid of ads—but even the stripped-back version is nifty. It lets you create custom Facebook cover and profile photos, and likewise for your Windows Phone lockscreen. It’s easy to use and he results look good.

Who it’s perfect for: photo-sharing fiends


App title: Deezer

What is it? A music streaming app

Why we love it? Needless to say our go to app when it comes to listening to and discovering top tunes is Nokia Music. If you want something to complement this cracking service, you should give Deezer a go. It allows you to discover, share and listen to all the music you want ­­– anywhere and anytime. Available in 182 countries, if you download now you get 15 days of Premium+ for free.

Who it’s perfect for: Music fans


App title: NFL Mobile

What is it? The official football app for the 2013 season

Why we love it? This one won’t get much mileage outside the USA, we reckon, but we suspect it’ll go down a treat in that region. Check it for scores, info about your team, video highlights, a Fantasy Football league and as many stats as you can handle. Action-packed and loaded with logos, it’ll keep you company through all those long days between games. We’re outside the USA so we can’t tell you how it handles, but we’re confident it’ll be a good ‘un.

Who it’s perfect for: American football fans


Our fab five are an eclectic mix this week, but did one stand out for you?  If so, we’d love to hear, in the comments below, which got you going into a downloading frenzy first.

Image credit: Andree O Aus B