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Famed American photographer Ansel Adams once said, “ You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” There’s maybe no genre of photography where this rings more true than macro, the art of the extreme close up. Done right, everyday objects can be made to look beautifully surreal and even otherworldly.

In celebration of this, and of World Photography Day, we’re showcasing some of the Nothing but a Nokia Facebook group’s best macro shots, all taken on Nokia smartphones. So, sit back and prepare to look at the world in a very different way.


by Harish Prabu

Czarek Dziadurski2

By Czarek Dziadurski


By Harish Kumar

Kartikey Smita Karnatak

By Kartikey Smita Karnatak


By Richard Dorman


By John Woo


By Ashik Ma

Thiagarajan Iyer

By Thiagarajan Iyer

Nosyaj Zeuqram

By Nosyaj Zeuqram

Kamyar Taher

By Kamyar Taher

Czarek Dziadurski1

By Czarek Dziadurski 



By Harish Kumar


By Adam Kae

Nosyaj Zeuqram1

By Nosyaj Zeuqram


By Harish Kumar

It’s hard to believe that all these stunning shots were taken on Nokia smartphones, but when you’re as dedicated as the guys and girls at Nothing but a Nokia, it seems anything is possible. Questions is, which of all these amazing photos do you love best? Let us know in the comments below.

Title image: Vutha Dí María